Meditations for Dogs – Video

Yes, both dog meditations are real. Guide Your Human is from a meditation for people about getting in touch with your inner wolf. Lie Down Good Girl is taken from a CD of meditations to play for your dog.

3 thoughts on “Meditations for Dogs – Video

  1. I did some iTunes searches to find meditations to go with the video – at first I was just going to use meditations about relaxation because I thought it was funny to listen to while the dogs ran around like crazy. But then I got creative and started searching for dog meditations, and I found the first one by Timothy “Amadhi” Albee called “Meditations for Your Animal Spirit” (two very long meditations NOT for dogs) and a TON of albums of recorded meditations and music to play for your dogs. This one came from a CD called “Ultimate Dog Relaxation” by Music for Pets. If you go to my OTHER YouTube Channel (MsMaryMercy) I actually have a 14-minute version from which I pulled these. What was I thinking?! I seriously doubt anyone has watched the full version, but I thought it was kinda cool just to play on loop on the computer. Anyway it has a second snippet from the Music for Pets one in there. 🙂

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