Feeding – New Video

More fun with my iPhone. Apparently I am only inspired to film when there’s food around. That is not intentional. Oh, and the creepy spoken audio is from a CD of meditations for pregnant women. The music you can barely hear is by CocoRosie.

4 thoughts on “Feeding – New Video

  1. Does your iPhone have some kind of time lapse thing? Or do you do that with video editing software? That effect is really cool and adds a lot to a piece. I get where the title came from – that pause, the hesitation of the guy’s voice there at the very end was kind of creepy. No, let me say it was more like absolutely creepy. “…and have a wonderful………………………………………………feeding.” eeeewwwwwwwwwww! But that’s what art is and this is awesomely moving……. Cool. Cute kids too…….

    • A friend of mine introduced me to an iPhone app called “Miniatures” that does do time-lapse recording and I’m a bit obsessed with it. I’m also obsessed with finding meditations that conflict with the video and blending them together. When I found a CD of meditations for pregnant women and heard the guy’s creepy voice, I knew I’d found the soundtrack for this one! The kids belong to a friend of mine and are just loaned out to me on occasion for video. LOL

      • it is breathtaking….. And that phone app is worth it’s weight in gold……! As an older dad who raised many kids, I can tell you that is how our memories come to us, in bright flashes sometimes…… And to see those images with that (sorry to be repetitive – no other word in the dictionary for it) creepy voice laced with that zen-like music, man, it simply moves me. I hope you will do more of these, it is a wonderful diversion from the doldrums of this boring life sometimes….. I think your trademark should be that one second shot of you standing at the sink…… that is so awesome……… it takes me back 50 years every time, sitting in the kitchen as a toddler, watching mom…… what beautiful memories……. thank you

  2. Thanks! I’m always messing around with something at the expense of things like cleaning or studying, so this new iPhone is both a blessing and a curse.

    It’s not me at the sink though – that is a friend of mine, and the children are hers. I don’t have any kids and rarely wash dishes. LOL

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