Fine Moments in Feminist History

I did a photoshoot the other day that was full-on Dynasty in appearance if not in scale (photos taken in my office with a white wall for a backdrop, as usual) but it got me thinking about the fabulousness that was the ongoing deathmatch between Krystle and Alexis Carrington throughout the show’s run. Yes, these are the feminist touchstones of my generation. I am so proud *sniff*.

7 thoughts on “Fine Moments in Feminist History

  1. Classic! This scene actually inspired my friend’s entire birthday party. I guess there is something perversely feminist about Alexis’s brand of strength…

  2. I had no idea it was from the Dynasty series! (I didn’t watch it, anyway)
    The clip of tussling was extraordiary……..the kind of thing one thinks doesn’t happen……..

  3. Oh How I smiled………….such great and unusual moments captured on film.
    The first time I have seen anything quite as bizarre………..

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