Recent work

Here are some of my favorite shots from the last year. Some of them you may have seen before. Loads more on Flickr but I’m warning you – since their re-design of the site my page is just a mess. I hate the way they’ve organized member pages without providing the option of changing the presentation, but I love the community over there, so I stay. And yes, these are all photos of me, but I swear that is due to convenience and not vanity. Using myself as the subject matter means I can shoot exactly how want precisely when I want; besides, I am always game for a bit of dress up and costumery.

5 thoughts on “Recent work

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  2. All of these are amazing, and the captions make them even more interesting. Every time I scrolled to a new one I was doing the “Oh, this is my fave,” and then, “No, this one!”
    I love them all, but especially love the all-red one, the one with feet edited out, and the Red Riding Hood cape one.
    I hope you find a site you deem appropriate for your photos! (Although I do stalk on Flickr currently.) It’s so difficult picking and settling on a blogging platform to suit all your needs.

    • Thanks, especially about the captions! I was testing out if I would actually have anything to say about my photos if I had a blog or something solely dedicated to them. Turns out I had plenty. (I was going to suggest you get a Flickr account & put your photos there but then I realized, yeah, you’ve pretty much got things figured out already… )

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