9/1/2013: Finally some new photos

Finally got to gussy up and take photos Saturday. I’ve kept the studio set up so I can hopefully get more done today or tomorrow as well, but they won’t require elaborate makeup next time as this took forever to create:

I’m supposed to look like a deer, but after I got the makeup on I realized I did not own a deer costume, so I had to improvise with finger-antlers.

The brown and white wig is new; it’s from Gothic Lolita Wigs, which is my favorite costume wig store. The hair fiber on this one easily tangled and was hard to comb out though, so it was a pain to use. As much hair-flinging as I like to do, I have to brush out my wigs every two or three shots to avoid having a massive rat’s nest by the end of the shoot, and this one was difficult to comb through every time. Bummer because it otherwise is easy to wear and I love the color combo.


I used a Speedlite behind me for most of the portraits; it’s become my favorite way to light tighter shots. I love the way it frames the subject and adds some depth to the background.  I added a softbox to the Speedlite on my camera to help erase shadows on my face as well.

I decided to Pixlr this one up a bit.

I had a few costume changes in this set so this was just my first “look.” I’ll share round two tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “9/1/2013: Finally some new photos

  1. Wow, crazy – you are a makeup artist, that’s clear. What patience this must take. You must have a room for all those wigs – wow. Imagine the fun you could have re-selling on Ebay! Love your shirt, btw.

    • Thanks! I’m not all that great actually. I make a ton of mistakes and have to change my direction all the time because of it. I can’t blend for shit so that’s where it usually goes awry for me…my eyes weren’t supposed to look this way at all but I had to improvise!

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