Flipping out

I’ve been having fun flipping more photos this weekend. I’ve got some ideas for how to make this more effective when I shoot again, too. I need to get the hair and the fabric both moving in the right direction to get the effect of falling, or flying, or whatever. And now that I really see how this is going to work, I think I can pose better to make the shots more convincing; I was trying with the last shoot to pose in ways that they could be flipped, but until I worked with them and saw what needed to happen I didn’t really know what to do.

And I apologize if I am sounding a little incoherent right now. Three weeks out from my bronchitis, I still have a wicked cough that won’t go away. It’s worst at night, so I’ve resorted to swilling Robitussin every night to keep it under control and, hopefully, finally make it go away. As a result I’m a little loopy right now since I am writing Monday morning’s post on Sunday night like I always do, and I’ve already taken my nightly dose.

Anyway, here are my latest flipped pics:



OK, so flipping completely upside-down doesn’t work – yet. Still, I had to try.

6 thoughts on “Flipping out

  1. Love that middle one – levitating magically. Bronchitis is the worst. I had it one time and the cough lingered for weeks and weeks. But I think once you get it, your immune or something. More flipped photos, please :-).

  2. I love the last one its like Bedknobs and broomsticks movie i’m pretty sure they went upside down once. And the first one, see it looks better flipped that way LOL

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