Purple outtakes

Taking a break from my regularly scheduled purple sharing to show some funny shots from this last weekend. I didn’t do any editing to these beyond the processing I do when converting them to .TIF files, so the quality isn’t great, but that isn’t the point anyway.

Timing is everything. The curtain actually got stuck on my lipstick. This was just the second shot of the whole set, BTW. Off to a great start!

This seriously cracks me up. It’s like a floating, melting, purple Gumby. A leaping sheet with one human arm. And yes, that’s the remote on the floor, which I usually edit out of the shots but I didn’t bother for this one. Bonus points for forgetting to cut out the tag on the curtains!

Just a little shout-out to everyone who still thinks I am graceful.

Walk Like an Egyptian. With curtains. Egyptian curtains. Yep.


11 thoughts on “Purple outtakes

    • Ha! I’ve been thinking how out of shape I am…which is true. Still trying to get myself back on the health train. I did cut out the sodas a few days ago, so I am currently in sugar/caffeine withdrawals and not feeling so hot. But know it’s time to drop the bad habit.

      • No, no, you look good, you are just recovering — oh and the withdrawal is real. Soda was the hardest thing for me to kick. I still wish I could have it but I worry about ruining my tooth enamel and I read somewhere that diet sodas can cause heart attacks, of all things. So I forced myself off it. I still drink coffee and tea. I hope I don’t have to give those up, then nothing will be left but shopping…

      • I could never drink diet, gave me migraines. Now I am drinking Perrier so I can at least still get the carbonation. I am naturally think so you know how that goes – even at your most out of shape people are telling you how healthy/fit you are, and it can easily lull you into laziness because no one KNOWS how out of shape you are. A luxury problem, I realize.

      • I should have used that carbonated water method, maybe with flavoring, but too late, I am finally over it. Yeah, I think all this cleaning helps. We have an incline treadmill thing I get on every so often and we ride our bikes and take walks but I am sort of undisciplined about doing it regularly all year long. I should.

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