Messing with it

Well, I said my goal was to use the new backdrop so I wouldn’t have to add any layers to the shots, so what did I do but decide to use layers to mess with the rest of the photo except the background. I guess I just can’t help myself.

Here are a few of my experiments; I just started playing around with this last night so I only have two so far.

I tried to add a texture to the sheers that would mimic the background but also make it brighter. I liked the glowy effect this had when still in color, but in the end I liked it better monochrome. Used a lot of Pixlr here, as usual.

This is OK, but not thrilling. I’d intended to add a much more textured layer to the curtain, but by the time I realized it wasn’t all that detailed, I’d already spent too much time working on it to start over.

I’d like to give this a few more tries before giving up; I like how the sheer quality of the fabric allows an added layer to give them more of a glow, but I want more texture than I’m getting so far. We’ll see if anything works.

10 thoughts on “Messing with it

  1. This is an effective pose. Are those the purple pants, recolored? I am a little slow on the uptake here – I assume the backdrop is plain (sepia?) but you add the texture from Pixlr, not the color. Anyway, the movement of the sheers in this is dramatic. The whole thing, composition-wise, is truly artistic. A great series.

    • Yes i altered the color of the pants so that the bright color of the fabric would pop. I didn’t add any texture to the background at all – that is purely the backdrop. Where I added “texture” is to the curtain, but it didn’t really show up; the particular texture I chose to experiment with there didn’t show that well, but it did alter the color in an interesting way. I’d like to try again using more detailed texture to layer under the curtain.

  2. I’ve been around for a while….but the second photo is probably the most intense you have Ever done…the pose is so powerful…I’d love to see the reaction on :the new ‘Improved” flickr

    • I don’t have the option to view the “improved” Flickr yet. I guess that is in Beta mode and I’m not in the test group. Interesting everyone likes that second photo so much – I was very ‘meh’ about it!

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