Continuing the purple

For these, I used one sheer as a “skirt” and used the other one for movement. These are some of my favorite shots so far.

Making a bit of a weird face here, but overall I really like this one. That top sheer kinda makes the shape of a snake raised to strike.

Loved the shape here – everyone on Flickr kept commenting on how strong my fan must have been blowing to get this effect, but actually there was no fan running at all here. It’s just the way I swung the fabric before the shutter closed.

You can’t see it, but just off to the left I actually did have an industrial-strength fan blowing underneath the curtain to keep it floating around above my body in interesting ways.

9 thoughts on “Continuing the purple

  1. These are great. I like the center one the best but they are all about equivalent. Do you hold the remote and then PS it out? Or toss it? The mechanics of this are key, I imagine. So many possibilities with that fan! And I assume you can do various things with lighting.

    • Usually I toss the remote somewhere, and since it’s small it’s easy to edit out of the shot. Sometimes I keep it in hand if I can. Tossing it is a bit of a pain because I never have my glasses on in shots, and if I toss it too far or it bounces away I have a bitch of a time finding it.

    • And you just gave me a great idea – I was trying to figure out what else I could do with the purple sheers, now that I’ve done all these shots and still have the backdrop up – but I could try to use my slave flash and see what happens that way too.

      • Two things occurred to me, based on the architectural photos I have seen done for my husband’s business: uplights and color filters (literally just tissue) put on simple can lights (from the floor or clipped onto furniture from ceilings and corners, angled down). Cheap but dramatic – used in architectural design mags.

        • Yeah I think I do have some filters somewhere, have just never used them. If I use my main flash as a master, though, I can’t get the speed needed to still the motion, I don’t think – but I can try.

  2. it’s hard to pic a fave from this bunch….I love’em all and I cant wait to see the comments on this mornings Flickr post….I still think the pose was one of your best especially when combined with everything else…well done…again

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