More Sunday Edits

I took some more of the photos from Saturday’s shoot and pulled them into Pixlr to make them more interesting, since I didn’t have much going on in the actual shots. I really went to town on these, and may have even gone overboard, but it was several hours of fun so it was worth it.

As usual, I’m not sure how many of these shots will actually ever see the light of day beyond this blog. Most of what I show generally doesn’t end up anywhere else – I have such a backlog of stuff I never shared that I could literally not shoot another photo for a month or two and still have a “new” photo to share each day over on Flickr. With time, I decide a lot of shots aren’t that stellar, but at first I love them all, so here is where I share all of what’s going on that’s new. If I ever do get a commercial site open, it will have to be a place where I curate only my best stuff to show; over here though, I’ll continue to inundate people with everything I’ve got.

Didn’t actually Pixlr this one; the movement in the hair plus the fact that once again, I don’t think I look anything like myself here, made it interesting to me without it. My nose in particular looks completely unlike mine here, due to some odd trick of lighting.

Changed my eye color for the hell of it. 

I love the blue in this wig; I think I spent $35 on it.

Lots of Pixlr-ing here; the shot felt boring to me without it. All that blur added is actually from their “Space” overlays; I lower the opacity a lot so you can’t tell it’s a bunch of stars, and the effect is smoky or ghostly.

See, this shot is an example of the sort of uber-Pixlr effect I don’t normally like to use because I feel it screams “Pixlr.” But I remembered several of you commenting on my last post that it didn’t matter and you wouldn’t know a Pixlr effect from a hole in the wall, so I went ahead and used it because it fit the shot so well. Then I went and told you what it was anyway. 


4 thoughts on “More Sunday Edits

  1. These are works of art. It doesn’t scream Pixlr – who would know? I think it is a great processing tool if it produces these painterly effects. I really like the first and last ones. That first one is very Moonstruck Cher. Lots of fun here.

  2. Off topic , but screaming to me Marey Marcey’s world. Wow this is one tough endeavor
    “teaching”. Live and learn here. www.

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