I May Have Gone Overboard…

…with Pixlr the past few days.

As you may have noticed, I changed my header recently; that image was a happy accident inspired by a very simple shot I took one weekend when I was taking some photos of a hairpiece I got in the mail, to show some friends who might be interested in seeing what it looked like in person.

in the stars3

I used my good camera and set up decent lighting so I could take accurate photos of the color and hair texture, and although the shots were just me in a sweater with some fake hair on my head staring basically right at the camera, I thought I’d at least try to get a few photos out of them that I could share over on Flickr. I pulled this one into good old Pixlr, and since it really had nothing much going on to make it interesting on its own, I decided to go for broke. My new header was the result.

in the stars10

I decided I liked it so much I used it here as well as on my cover page on both Flickr and Facebook. Then I decided I still liked it so much I’d take some other simple photos from this shoot and give them a go, as well. Here’s another original I chose to process:

in the stars8
And yes, it’s a very nice hairpiece; I wrote a review of it that I’ll upload later.

in the stars7
Sort of Mary Tyler Moore on acid.

That one went well, so I kept going. Here are the rest, along with the originals:

in the stars9
Another nice hairpiece, but not a thrilling photo.

in the stars6
Thrilling! That may be an exaggeration, but still.

Towards the end of my little hairpiece shoot, I got a wee bit fancy and started flinging the long one around a bit. Hey, I always have to do that a few times, especially when I’m sporting long hair. I had the lights and the camera set up, so you never know if you’re going to snap something you can really use. A girl’s gotta try, at least.

in the stars5

in the stars4

in the stars2
I actually like this one as is too.

in the stars1

I have a few more I may play around with, but towards the end of all this editing I started to feel like I was running out of steam. We’ll see if I do any more like this in the future. There’s really no end to what you can do with a photo, though. It’s a lifetime of fun for me. Even something as simple as a basic headshot can turn into a creative exercise. God bless photography; it really feeds my soul.

13 thoughts on “I May Have Gone Overboard…

  1. Honestly you change so much I enjoy the time or two you share the real you with us…and this has been no exception…and I do stand by my first thought…I love here and on flickr….the header photo is perhaps my favorite of your…(and you know I love you purple so thats saying something..)
    Thanks for sharing these great photos….

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