Fun With Hair: Easihair Headband Wigs by Jon Renau – Part 2: Impulsive and Smitten

If you’ve come across this post without reading Part 1, I talk more about the wigs in general there than I’ll do on this page, so be sure to check it out here.

I’m a big fan of the two I reviewed in Part 1 – Luscious and Escape are both soft headband wigs which means they are very comfortable and easy to wear.

A 360-degree soft headband with wefted cap, as seen with Luscious and Escape

Today’s headband wigs utilize a hard headband that is not a full circle; I am calling them semicircle headbands since I have no idea what a technical term for such a thing could be.

The headband used for Impulsive and Smitten

Impulsive and Smitten both have a wefted cap sewn onto this hard headband; the cap goes all the way around the head, and attaches at the nape of the neck with a hair comb. This is the first downside of this type of headband for me, as I do NOT like using combs in my hair. No matter how much I adjust them, it feels like they are pulling at my hair, and I much prefer the full, 360-degree headband to this kind as using a comb to keep the hairpiece pulled down over the nape area is not necessary, at least not for me – those soft headband wigs also have combs, but I don’t need to use them. For the semi-circle headbands, you have to use the comb or the back of the cap does not stay pulled down. However, in the case of Impulsive I am at least able to get that comb attached to my hair in a manner that is relatively tolerable.

I get why Easihair wants to utilize the hard headbands though – they look nicer for sure. But overall, the hard headbands are not as comfortable as a soft one, which is big complaint #2. When I started trying out hairpieces like this, I shunned the soft headbands because they looked too sporty or casual, but hard headbands, even without hair attached to them, have always been hard for me to wear, and it turns out I’m not the only one – a lot of people cannot stand to wear them as they get headaches. For me that’s only part of the problem; wearing glasses makes hard headbands doubly problematic because they hit right behind the ear, at the same spot the earpieces of the glasses rest. This contributes to the lack of comfort considerably, but if the headband isn’t too terribly tight, it can still be tolerable.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried two Smittens and both of them were uncomfortably tight. Impulsive feels looser and again, is at least tolerable. Not sure I would wear Impulsive all day like I could easily do with Luscious or Escape, but it feels like I could get several hours out of it without problem. Smitten – forget it, it’s way too small (and again, that’s happened to me twice, so I don’t think I just got one that was a fluke).

Also, with these two I tried out different colors to see if I could find a brunette that had more dimension than the relatively flat Color 6. I tried a 6-33 and a 4-33 in these, and I think the 4-33 is the better choice. Here’s a color comparison:


Although the 4, as a solid color, is too dark for my real hair, the added 33 (auburn) lightens it considerably, and gives it more depth than the straight-up 6. The 6 is pretty too, and isn’t totally one color, but overall the effect is that of being darker or heavier than the highlighted one. In the future I’m going to go with the 4-33 when I buy replacements of the ones I currently own in a 6.

And now, on to the photos:

#3. Impulsive by Easihair, color 4-33

As previously mentioned, the hard headband on this one is tolerable, but not nearly as comfortable as a soft one would be. That said, it was fairly easy to put on as long as I tucked my hair into a wig cap first (I explain why I do this in Part 1). I have to be more careful with this one, since the headband isn’t as wide, to be sure the wig cap is covered and not peeking out from underneath it, but once I’ve done that and gotten the comb at the nape of the neck in my hair in a way that doesn’t snag and pull, it’s fairly comfy. The headband is not too tight, and I can get it adjusted with my glasses so that my ears aren’t feeling too much pressure.


The curls are pretty, and again, I get where the hard headband lends the piece a dressier look. I feel like maybe the curls are a bit too pretty, and that this makes the wig less convincing as real hair, but that could be because of how I use these headband wigs most of the time, which is to run errands on weekends when I don’t want to style my hair. This piece with jeans and a t-shirt may in fact be more glamour than I need, but wearing it to work or on a date night is probably just fine.

Better color representation, without the flash

Aside from my personal preferences for the soft headband and my dislike of using combs, I have no complaints about this piece. The curls are pretty, as is the velvet headband, it’s a nice length, and the hair fiber feels soft and full. I have not experienced shedding with this piece, but it is new and I haven’t worn it out yet.


I could have brushed it better for the back photo; it’s looking a little frizzy here when really it isn’t. Frizz aside, it’s very pretty from the back, in my opinion.

Although Impulsive is too dressy for me to get much wear out of it, it’s a nice piece with a pretty headband that doesn’t feel too tight. It doesn’t wow me as much as Luscious, but it’s a close second for looks. A very nice piece overall.

#4. Smitten by Easihair, color 6-33

As I mentioned earlier, I tried Smitten once before, several years ago, and had the same issues with it I have currently. Because this piece is the most like my own hair, and I love bobs more than anything, this is the one piece I really wanted to work for me. Alas, it still does not. Also, I tried a 6-33 in this one, since it was on a good sale, but it’s too light for my bio hair.


I think you can see the problem with the color there, but even a cursory glance at the photo reveals my other big issue with it: one entire side is wonky here. Now, that didn’t happen with my last Smitten, and could probably be fixed with some steam. But Smitten has other issues that make it a no-go for me. Too bad, because the style is an exact match for my bio hair right now. Well, from the front anyway.

Too light for me, but a very pretty color

You can see the wonky flip that plagues the wig’s right side, but you can also see the other big issue with this one: the construction of the wefted cap creates this huge lump in the back, starting at the nape, and personally I don’t see a thing that can be done to correct it. Now, I am not one to do a lot of fixing when it comes to wigs and hairpieces anyway, because if I’m going to do all that, I’ll just do it to my own hair thankyouverymuch, but even for those crafty folk who are OK altering their wigs, I do not see how this one can be saved. Not only is the circumference of the cap too “short” (I have to pull the headband back really far to get the cap at the nape to really reach an acceptable spot, and I do not have a big head) but the way the hair is sewn into the cap at the nape is what creates the bump. The hair fiber is literally sewn in upside-down, so that it has to ‘flop’ over; there’s not a natural fall to the hair in the back at all, and the end result is just, well, weird. The lump simply will not tame itself due to how the hair fiber is sewn onto the cap.


Add to that the cap is too short from forehead to nape, and that the headband is REALLY tight, and in my opinion you’ve got a loser. Such a shame as I love this style. This is the style of the Henry Margu Classic Band I am going to try at some point, and I hope it’s better done than this one.

So that about wraps up my review of the four Easihair by Jon Renau Headband Wigs I’ve tried. Three out of four ain’t bad, so overall I’m happy.


10 thoughts on “Fun With Hair: Easihair Headband Wigs by Jon Renau – Part 2: Impulsive and Smitten

  1. I really like the Impulsive. I don’t know if I could pull this off anywhere that people who know me would be, especially the hyper-critical in-laws who would spot it in an instant and really give me a hard time. The reason being, that is more hair than I have. I can curl my hair that way and it is now just below my shoulders, which is where I keep it most of the time (although I had it cut shorter in May, but it is all grown out now) but the volume would give it away, I think. How does that work for you? Also, I really like that color combo but my own hair is dark and I have to dye it because I do have some gray mixed in. How do you think the dark hair in front works with the more varied hair in Impulsive? Is the contrast noticeable? Or do you get your own hair highlighted to go with it?

    • In my experience, people do NOT notice at all. They just aren’t paying that much attention to other people’s hair. Obviously that would be different if you are around hyper-critical people; in that case I just tell them if they ask that I’m wearing a hairpiece and they can suck it if they don’t like it. I find that the more open and confident I am about it, the less it is a big deal to others. I’ve been wearing wigs and hairpieces for years so by now, so everyone is used to it, including my family and friends. My mother and one of my sisters have even bought and worn some wigs based on seeing me wear them. But if people around you are going to be nosy and critical, then you have to be very comfortable with the idea of people knowing to pull it off. If you act embarrassed, they will pick up on that and treat it like something embarrassing. To me, the hair is an accessory, so saying I am wearing it as a bad hair day solution doesn’t bother me in a bit.

      As far as a perfect color match, you don’t need one. Take a look sometime at a woman with highlighted hair who pulls it back into a band – due to normal hair growth the highlights won’t be right at the roots anyway so often, the highlighted part “starts” after the hair band anyway. If it’s for throwing on and running errands (which is how I normally use them), your average person just isn’t going to pay attention at all.

      • Well, that is encouraging. I think with the group I deal with, it will just be ‘Betty Draper’ (Geoff’s only sister, Heidi) and one BIL (Geoff’s brother David) who is extremely vain and critical of my appearance, zeroing in on any flaw and openly commenting in a joking way. So obnoxious. You are right about the roots issue – in fact, I like roots showing! Thing is, my roots aren’t darker, they are flecked with gray, so I don’t even get the benefit of the showing-roots trend, lol. I might give it a whirl. I have to study wigs first :-). Thanks for the thorough explanation.

        • Studying wigs is a chore…we have a whole website about it here: Lots of info about wig wearing and how to get started. It used to be on my own personal blog but then a friend of mine opened up that site and I gave her all my material. When you can do it for fun it’s not too bad, but I do feel for women who are experiencing hair loss and have to try and navigate the whole thing. It’s tricky!

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