Shots of ModCloth purchases = ShotCloths? Hey, I tried. Still working with Saturday’s editorial shots, so I’m just going to share as it’s late and I’m tired. All of these used the 85mm lens, and the rest were shot in my studio with the 17-40, but I’ll show those later.

Most of the shots in this first dress were either out of focus or boring, but I got a few decent ones. What I didn’t notice about this dress until I looked at the photos was that it actually makes my small chest look ample. That might be enough reason to buy it for some of you, but keep in mind that is some seriously unforgiving fabric. The dress is roomy, but the fabric clings to everything. Anyway it’s out of stock now; must have sold out during the big sale when I bought mine.


The wig is called Amanda by Jon Renau; it’s very realistic looking but it’s a ton of hair. I actually had mine custom cut to lop off several inches and add layers. It’s also pretty dry and tangled at this point as I’ve worn it a lot.

Yeah, I’m walking. That’s all I’ve got, sorry.

Good for jumping though

These next shots are pretty simple also – this was my last set outdoors and I was getting tired so not a lot of variety here. But it is a cute dress:


These shots look very Talbot’s-spring-catalog-mailer to me, but I’m not totally opposed to that.

And last but not least, here’s another portrait I did before venturing outside. I used a little high-key effect to soften the colors. And I do love this purple wig – not sure you can tell but it fades from purple to white.


8 thoughts on “ShotCloths

    • Thanks! I know these shots are kinda boring, but I do enjoy sharing them because of my love for clothes. I got so much nice stuff the past few weeks and it’s fun to try it all on and take photos 🙂

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