Sorry about the title, couldn’t help myself.

Have played around a bit more with Polyvore – I’m using it to put together looks out of what I already have and save them somewhere I can peruse them later, instead of constantly buying new stuff and never knowing what to do with it all. The program forces me to think of all the items I already own and how I can utilize them all instead of just thinking I need to buy the next new thing I come across on the internet when browsing around.

Anyway, another winter weather off-day today, so I’m up early (for me – about 8 AM) and am going to experiment with some arty photos. I’m going to try some new things so who knows if any of it will turn out. This is why I don’t always like trying new things – the results are never guaranteed and are sometimes disappointing, but I have to push through that or else I just stagnate, doing the same predictable stuff I’ve already learned how to do. So, we’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, here’s a Polyvore of some ideas I pulled together Sunday night for a pair of rust-colored jeans I never quite knew how to wear before. When I made it, I found articles of clothing that closely resembled pieces I already owned, so that I could actually take each of these looks and re-create it out of my own closet. Guess which one of the three I wore Monday in the comments! Get it right, and win absolutely nothing!

Rusty Jeans - Three Ways

10 thoughts on “Polywhore

      • Ah, right, you say jeans in the description. I cannot wear tight jeans even though I am pretty skinny – they bother me (unless they have some lycra in them). I am still wearing my black reverse cuts from the GAP that I got 15 years ago, because I wear them once maybe every three years, lol. I like the color combo of, what, powder blue? And rust…I wear very light blues.

  1. I read the comments, so I guess I cheated. Um, the poncho?
    After you first posted about Polyvore I went and joined, but I am so busy at work right now I couldn’t even check it out. I already have three followers hahaha.

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