All That Glitters

Processed a few more glittery-feather-jacket shots, so here they are:

Did you know that tons of glitter on a 45-year-old face will accentuate pores? Yep.


This was a weird set to edit. The glitter was dumped all over my face, but the light only caught it at certain spots so it didn’t look evenly distributed. And while the light created a lot of interesting “looks,” many of them just didn’t process well. Oh well. Got a few good ones out of it.

I mentioned last time that I want to move out of the studio and try some location shots, so it thought I’d share with you real quick a few of the photography artists whose work is inspiring me to do so. Here are links to their webpages – beautiful stuff these women produce!

And one note about wanting to work with other models: yes, your friends will all swear up and down that they want you to take photos of them. However, if you assign them tasks to do to prepare for a photoshoot, more than likely that’s where the planning for a photo session will end. It’s not that your friends are assholes, it’s just that everyone says “Oh I want you take my pictures!” as a compliment more than a request. I have friends who’ve been saying for months that they want me to take their photos, so I set up a Pinterest board for them to post photos that inspire them and ideas for costumes so I can plan some sessions out, and so far, I’ve gotten nada. It’s to be expected, really, because as I said, it’s the sort of thing friends say without really thinking it through – and I definitely want to take photos that I like and not just any old thing someone might want. So probably to get models who will help me fulfill my vision I will have to find people who are building a portfolio and willing to work for free in exchange for some shots. Sigh. Well, you know how the saying goes: all that glitters isn’t gold.

17 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. MM

    Your friends don’t realize how much work goes into a shoot. Might they also be technically defeated by Pinterest? (It’s been known to happen.) You’ll probably be able to get them to be models but you’ll have to do all the work yourself. : /

    I glanced at the work of the 3 other artists to whom you linked. Wow!

    • Pinterest is weird, it took me two tries to figure out how to use it. i think mostly people aren’t sure what I intended to use the board for…someone asked me this morning what it was I wanted them to do with it. And one friend has gone out of her way to mention modeling for me several times recently, so I do think she’s serious. But you’re right, they also don’t realize how much goes into a shoot. Of course that’s my job to figure out, but I will have to push to get people to help things along!

  2. 45 years “young”… Ditch your concerns here. I’m positive no one sees anything relating to “age”
    in your work. Another beautiful shot.

  3. It’s hard for me to formulate a response without sounding down on my friends, but that is the way people are, I think. Not always reliable for things like that–it’s not their priority. And there is no way you are 45.

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