Yoga Shots

I may have used that title before, but here it is again. Processed a few more of the yoga shots this afternoon, so here they are:


I felt these all worked best in some sort of monochrome rather than color; while the gowns were pretty and flowy and the fabric worked well, in color they looked a little too ballgown for the yoga poses. Monochrome worked best to highlight the flowy-ness of the fabric without drawing attention to the fact that it was actually a gown; which doesn’t make much sense when thinking of yoga poses and didn’t come off ironic or humorous enough to work from that angle, either.


In this one I think the sleeves of Tamara’s dress worked nicely again; they really created some interesting shapes. I’m sure my late mother-in-law had no idea this dress of hers would get put to so much weird use!


Tamara really does know her yoga moves and is quite graceful in performing them. For the hell of it, I flipped this photo sideways and edited out the horizon line as much as I could to fool the eye a bit better.

Possibly more jumping photos tomorrow; we’ll see if I have time since it’s my first day back to school after a week off.

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