(No) Photo Opportunity

I haven’t taken any photos since my March 17th photoshoot, but that’s OK as I still have a few from that shoot I’d like to process. Work has been busy since it’s fall registration time and I’ve got loads of students and parents with questions about course selection, so it’s been a week of work all day, then come home and chill out until getting ready to do it again tomorrow. It happens. My father in law has also been ill for two weeks now; he appears to be on the mend but it is slow going, so a lot of free time has been occupied helping my husband out with that. So, as much as I’d like to be taking new photos, I’m also not upset over being too busy lately doing other things to take them. I’m still not overly interested in taking more self-portraits anyway, so when I do get back to shooting, it’ll probably be other faces you see as a result. However…

I had to pop in to share that I just broke down and bought the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM, a lens I’ve been eyeing for awhile. I’m so excited I’d do a little happy dance if I weren’t still at the office. I didn’t buy it from Amazon this time; I decided to risk buying one used through eBay to get a better price ($550). As I move forward with my photography purchases, there’s just no way I’m going to be able to maintain my never-buy-anything-used attitude and get the best deal, and I’ve generally had good luck with eBay in the past (although I rarely buy anything pricey through the site; I usually limit my purchases to vintage  clothing), so I figured this was a good time to try. My husband is a musician, and he always searches eBay auctions for used deals when trying out some new piece of equipment, and I trust his judgment if nothing else, so we’ll see how this one turns out.

Anyway, the lens should come in early next week, and I am sure I’ll rip into it right away and test out some shots to share here, but I’ve never used a telephoto lens like this before so I’m not going to have a clue what I’m doing at first. Most likely this will frustrate the hell out of me, but I think this is a nice addition to my growing gear collection. Speaking of which, it’s also time for me to buy a bigger bag for all my lenses and gadgets, as the one I currently have no longer holds everything I want to cart around. Sheesh! It never ends.

Anyway, stay tuned, and if I don’t pop in again, happy weekend to all!


4 thoughts on “(No) Photo Opportunity

  1. I am interested to see what you do with your telephoto. I haven’t done much with mine yet, as I think I have a lot to learn with the standard 18-55mm before I even try the other lenses I bought. I hope your FIL recovers completely, it is hard when parents fall ill. I’m still stuck where I have been for the past three weeks, yet another week – complex issue involved – but I will be looking forward to your next set.

    • Ha – you’re the fifth person to send me this! Everyone must think I’m friends with a bear or something. LOL. It is really cool photography though – I just would NEVER pose for something like that.

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