Ready for My Close-Up

How’s about a few more from yesterday’s telephoto lens experiment?


Guess what that is? It’s the light inside the Japanese lanterns we have in our backyard garden – you saw one of them in yesterday’s crappy-focus collage when I was testing out the zoom on the lens:


And here’s a little ivy leaf in our (mucky and in need of spring cleaning) pond:


I added some texture and filters to these next two, because on their own I felt they were a bit boring, but I wanted to play with them anyway:

Some sort of weird garden geegaw hanging in the backyard; not even sure where this thing came from. But look at that lovely bokeh!

An old birdfeeder


7 thoughts on “Ready for My Close-Up

  1. Wow! I love these! You are really getting an artistic angle out of that new lens. Every one of them is exceptional in a different way, e.g., love the colors in the last two, the mystery of the first one that looks like a shot on some planet. But, I particularly like the ivy. Great inspirations.

    • Thanks! These were all just me wandering around the backyard. Thinking of actually driving somewhere this afternoon to take some, but I dunno, that’s pretty crazy for me. LOL. I bet your backyard would yield far more interesting results than ours – our landscaping is minimal to begin with but is really out of whack right now, since we have yet to spruce up from winter.

      • As soon as this ordeal is over (fingers crossed for Friday?), I have to get out back and take pictures as I am missing all the blossoming. I already took a bunch last year and put them up on Flickr (in fact that is how I started out on F. in the first place) but this time I am going to use the telephoto lens. It is an F5? With the stabilizer? But I don’t think it is as sophisticated as yours because refurbished it was around $300, if I remember correctly (G. got it for me). Anyway, this would be more interesting than simply taking the usual shots of flowers and leaves and birds that other people do far better than I. You have motivated me!

      • If you get a chance, give it a gander and see what it is; I’m curious. IS is nice, but I think having an L-Series lens is more conducive to quality results than image stabilization. If it has IS it might be an 800mm, but I can’t imagine getting one of those for that price, even refurbished. Maybe it’s the 75-300?

  2. I will haul it out tonight and see what it is or take a snapshot of it and send it to you. I have no idea and I only used it once after I got it and the results were unimpressive. But then again, what do I know. The previous (and pricey – that thing was $800 twenty years ago!) telephoto is at the bottom of a ravine Costa Brava, Spain!

      • I get back from my indenture at 6 Pacific (8 pm) so I will def describe it or send a snapshot via email. Usually I am totally drained when I return, but one way or the other … I am sure it is nothing compared to yours…

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