I snagged a new wig on clearance last week and finally got a chance to write up a review for it on my friend’s wig blog. Since I wanted to give a detailed review of the thing, I took a ton of photos, so I’ll share a few of them here. If you want to see details about the wig you can check out the blog post over at Real Life Wigs, as I won’t be sharing close-ups of the lace front or anything like that here. But I will share a thing or two about how I took the shots, so let’s get to it.


I used my 50mm portrait lens for all these shots, and I also used my ExpoDisc to customize my white balance to the light being used. This worked out great, as the shots didn’t need too much editing and refining when I pulled them off the camera, not as far as white balance or exposure anyway.


Very different lighting for the indoor shots, but the ExpoDisc worked its magic again, and I think they came out great. I also used the new skin softening techniques I learned last weekend, and while overall I like the effect, I think I need to refine the process a bit so the shots don’t look so weird when I magnify them to their full size. I know no one else in the world gives a damn about how a digital photo looks when blown up to 100 times normal, but I do, and when zooming in on these they look weird. I did all the softening and then I sharpened and clarified, which has always been my workflow, but I may have to change that and make the softening the last thing I do. That might help.


When shooting outside, I actually used my Speedlite with a softbox attached as a fill flash. This is not something I’ve ever done, preferring to keep the outside light totally natural, but since I took the indoor shots first and already had everything attached to the camera I decided to leave it that way and see what happened. I really like the results. I generally prefer not to attach the Speedlite if I don’t have to, since it makes the camera heavy, but the fill flash I got out of it eliminated a lot pesky shadows from my face and was worth it in the end.


I don’t have much to say here except, it’s a damn pretty wig. Found it on clearance for seventy-five bucks too. Look how natural that hairline is! And I did a pretty nice job on my makeup here too, considering I started with what I’d had on all day while I ran errands and just slapped more of it on. I even managed to make my lips look good today. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, people.


Close-up shot I took outside to show blog readers the color. And I always forget how cute those spare glasses are until I put them on for a wig picture. I don’t like to wear my usual glasses with wigs because I have to stretch out the ear pieces a little bit to go over the ear tabs, and it loosens the glasses eventually. I don’t see as well with these as I do with my cat-shaped ones, so I tend not to wear them very often.

Saturday I am heading out to my parents’ side of town to attend a fundraiser for an aviation museum with my dad. Gonna load up the camera and take some airplane pics, so lots more to come!

9 thoughts on “Wigpics

  1. Very nice. Second from the top is my favorite. Looks like a lot of hair — how is that in summer? Good to hear about the techniques that went into achieving such wonderful results. Have fun this weekend!

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