Unfortunately the flies are still invading, but since they only hang out in the house at night I made sure to get all my photo-taking done before sundown so they wouldn’t all be attracted to my fancy lighting. I’ve been on a wig buying kick the past month or so, so I had a few wigs I wanted to photograph for the blog where I review them. They’re not thrilling photos, but if you want to see what they look like here’s a little collage:


That’s just two of them; there’s a third one that’s short and spiky and really cute, but I didn’t get a chancel to edit any of those wig-pics. I did, however, wear the short one in the levitation photos I tried after shooting all the wig photos, so you can get a glimpse of it in the single photo I’ve had a chance to process from that part of the shoot.


First of all – are those pants freakin’ fabulous or what?! I went to get my manicure and pedicure Saturday morning, and after finishing up I made it my task of the day to find something interesting I could use in photographs that afternoon; I haven’t made any costume purchases in awhile, and was feeling the need to jazz up the closet. There are actually a few shops in the town square where I get my nails done that have interesting clothes for my photoshoots, and they’re all pretty inexpensive to boot. Those AMAZING pants I found at a store called Em and Lee and they were about $45, then I scored the top at Charming Charlie for a whopping ten bucks (I’m wearing it backwards, by the way – the front just looks like a regular t-shirt so I flipped it around to give the outfit more visual interest). Honestly I cannot get over my joy at finding this outfit – it’s got one of my favorite color combinations with the blue and red, plus the white really makes the pattern pop. I’d never wear those pants out of the house because they’re way too clingy in certain areas plus they’re a mile too long, but for photos they are perfection. I will get loads of use out of them.

And that pose,  by the way, was done using the technique I’ve been working with to create my levitation photos – I was actually sitting on a small step stool, which I edited out of the composite shot. I did many shots using the stool and very little jumping this time, since I’ve leaped myself into just about every possible shape by this point and wanted to create some new ones. This was probably the best one of the bunch, which means everything else I edit will be anticlimactic, but there are still more I want to work with anyway.

Oh, and it also gives you a glimpse of that fabulous short-haired wig.More pics of that to come also – it’s adorable!

13 thoughts on “Eye-Wigness

  1. My first reaction is: love the outfit with the pants and top. The pose is amazing. But, I LOVE that short spikey wig. Really cute style and color and your makeup looks great. Hope you are posting more pictures of this one! If my brain comes into focus, maybe I will come up with something else brilliant to say, but I have been up since 3:20 so I am still spinning …

    • I didn’t even catch the spelling error. Which reminds me, everyone is writing “smoky” as “smokey” now – am I crazy or should there NOT be an e in there? I get tired of reading about how to create a “smokey” eye.

      Anyhoo, the wig is FAB. Interestingly, a lot of people do not like it on me (I’ve owned this style before but not in that awesome color). My husband says it is “frumpy” and the last time I had it many people just went “meh” when they saw me in it. I don’t get it, because I think it is adorable. My husband thinks any short hair on a woman is frumpy so he’s not the best judge – and yes, I wore my hair short for about 10 years of our marriage. I took a lot of pics of it since I found it so fun to wear, just portraits of me making faces but yes, when I process them I will show more, And if you ever want to read the reviews of the wigs I post here you can always go to http://reallifewigs.com/ and read about them!

      • I am just walking out the door to the three hour drive that is part of my indenture contract, but I have to say: smoky. There are so few people left that know English that I give up. Including autocorrect. You are the English expert, so you are right.

        As for short wigs — depends on how you dress and wear your makeup. I am tempted to get that one, that is just how fabulous it looks on you, the way you wore it, with that outfit, in that color, with that makeup. What do men know?

        More when and if I return with my brain intact. 🙂

        • It’s called Easy Edge and it isn’t expensive! I’ll post a link in a later post. And it’s a fun way to have short hair for a day and not have to chop it all off 🙂 Good luck on your journey!

  2. Thank you! We are late now because G. is trying to get my iPod nano hooked up in the car so I can at least have my tunes for the six hours. I am bringing my little camera so I can redeem something out of this ordeal, today. In fact, if one of my trusted nieces goes to Hawaii, I am going to have her take pictures for me. I laugh when I realize that was the only real incentive to go!!! 🙂

  3. The first two wigs are great. Now, I honestly think you look marvelous in short red hair. Very cute. The outfit is amazing. Smokey works out your last name is Robinson. 🙂

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