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I’d planned to get more photos edited today than I was able to in the end, so I had to choose what to work on when I got started around 3 PM in the afternoon. I had two wig reviews I wanted to write up for the Real Life Wigs blog, and decided to start with those; in the end I only got the pics edited for one of the two and wrote up the review for it before shuffling on over here to update. So, most of today’s photos will be focused on that one wig, which is the short red one I had on in the levitation photo I posted yesterday (I also didn’t have time edit any more of the arty shots, but all things in time I guess).

I don’t think the wig review pics are all that thrilling, but I did like this one shot so I’ll share it first:


I like the makeup here, as well as the editing job I did on my skin. And that damn hair is just too cute. I Pixlr’ed a few shots to make them do more than just say “here’s a new wig,” so that’s what’s coming up next:


Sometimes there’s a problem I’ve had forever that suddenly solves itself in my head in such an immediate and perfect manner I can’t help  but wonder why I didn’t figure it out sooner. That happened with Pixlr today. The software has a lot of really cool textures I’ve always wanted to use except for one problem – they are really obvious borders, and I pretty much hate borders unless they are super-subtle. Some of Pixlr’s borders are so cool that I use them on occasion even though I’ve always wished I could just get the texture part without having the stark border on there, and this afternoon it hit me like lightning – just add the effect and then go crop the shot to take out the harsh border and DUH you’ll be left with just the texture or overlay. WHY didn’t I think of this years ago instead of either not using a certain effect because it was a border, or adding a border to a photo that I really didn’t want? Who knows. But I’m glad I finally figured this out.


I also liked this one because I don’t smile much in my photos, and I actually pulled it off here without looking phony like my smile usually does.

This last one is the wig I still need to review but didn’t get around to today; the shot was originally completely blurry like it is in the final result, but for some reason its out-of-focus-ness appealed to me.


I again was able to use the cool texture from one of Pixlr’s borders and then crop the border out; I think it gives the effect that I am looking out a window (or that someone is looking through a window at me). I think of the three I Pixlr’ed today, this one’s my favorite. Also, love that wig too.

More later – happy Monday everyone!

17 thoughts on “Pixlr Wigs

  1. These are just stellar! The colors in that wig are beautiful. You can really pull off red hair, wow! Wish I could since that has always been my favorite hair color. Amazingly realistic looking too. One of these days I am going to throw a picture of myself in Pixlr and see how it comes out. I really love the laughing one. Great lip color! (If I am exclaiming a lot here, it is because I really love, love, love that wig on you – proves that short hair can be exciting).

    • The responses to this one are still mixed. I’ve noticed the men I’ve showed the pics to don’t like it – a few called it “Reba McIntyre” hair and as I mentioned before my husband calls it frumpy. That is such an association with short hair on women for some reason, who knows. I do share the wig reviews from the blog with several online groups where I am a member, and it is funny but I can tell which wigs people like by how many responses I get. This short one did not get much response; when people don’t like a wig on me they just say nothing rather than express their dislike, which is nice, but from afar it is SO noticeable it’s funny. Most long wigs will get a huge response; I do think I look better in long wigs (not with long hair, because my real hair is so fine and limp, yet my husband still prefers it long, go figure) than short ones, but I also think it could be that visual appeal of a woman in long hair vs. short. That said, my hair has been short for most of my life, and when it’s short it’s way shorter than even this wig, practically a crew cut!

      • Twins separated at birth. G. and I had just this disagreement yesterday on the way to the event, so I am blogging about it right now for Thursday to get it out of my mind. Hmph!

        • I actually prefer myself with longer hair, just not MY hair. LOL. It is so baby fine that it looks much fuller and better short. My plan is to get it to a bit beyond shoulder-length and then wear wigs everywhere to supplement it, or at least extensions to add fullness (although I think extensions will make me crazy and pull on my head). Then when I don’t feel like wearing a wig I still have the same hair so no one really notices a drastic change. The wig in that one blurred pic that is above and very dark is actually the wig I purchased to be that wig. It’s longer than my bio hair currently but it’s close enough – people don’t notice a few inches longer or shorter. It’s a weird solution, but it’s the one I’ve come up with. When my hair was super-short and I wore long wigs it got tricky; those times when I didn’t wear a wig it was so noticeable that it drew more attention that I wanted.

  2. I think that is very smart. I cannot pull that off. I have very fine hair too, since I hit my forties. I wore a little twisty thing to wrap my hair around into a chignon at a family event a couple of years ago and immediately, David the dandy comes up to me with a trophy blond wiggling on his arm, and in a loud voice for everyone to hear, blurts out, ‘Are you wearing a hair piece?’. I was furious and Geoffrey started laughing and ribbing me about it for the rest of the night. I don’t dare wear those things when any of them are around. I shouldn’t care, but I hate being noticed and scrutinized in that way. So rude!

    • I have always expected to get this reaction from people but I swear it never happened! I am still surprised my family doesn’t mind my wigs; I even brought my mom a wig to the beach house to try and she modeled it for everyone and no one batted an eye! My mom has thinning hair and wants me to help her get some wigs that look good on her, my sister has bought and worn wigs since I started wearing them too – and none of my friends care at all if I show up in a wig. Not sure why i don’t get more of the negativity that others seem to experience, EXCEPT that I have always been viewed as such an eccentric that perhaps it doesn’t surprise people when it’s me in a wig.

  3. I know I said this yesterday, but, I think you look simply fantastic in short hair and the color of this piece really creates a new you.
    Yes your makeup it’s wonderful.
    I for one give you a 10 on this look.

  4. You look great in that short red. I read above that you don’t like yourself with short hair. I guess it’s because you can’t get it to do what you want it to do? But you look stunning in the wig.

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