Office Shots

I took my new camera up to school today to take pictures of our head coach, who won an award as coach of the year in our division, but then the day got so crazy I didn’t get a chance to do it. Once things finally did die down, I remembered that I had the camera with me, so I attached my 50mm (which I’d also brought along) and wandered over to the office of a friend of mine, who is the admissions director for the school. She’s also an artist and art teacher, so she has loads of stuff all over her space that makes for interesting photographs.

Believe it or not, this is a pen.

I keep waiting to be disappointed by this camera (and I know I’ve only had it two days), but so far I’m just not. With the basic stuff I did today it performed quite well.


I was screwing around with ISO settings and other things right before taking these photos, and unfortunately I forgot to switch them back when I was done, so the pics are a little grainy but that’s user error (I had the ISO set to 1600 and should have had it much lower). Even at a high ISO though, they look pretty good. I still think the color comes out a bit dull but I can fix that in editing.


I played around with the focus settings a bit and this time, with the 50mm the focus was fast and sharper than when I used it the night before. I’d tell you what I did but being me, I can’t remember and didn’t really understand what I was doing anyway.


Kind of amazing all this stuff is in one office, isn’t it?


I also found white balance to be tricky once again; I didn’t have enough light to get the ExpoDisc to work, and the AWB confuses me. When editing the RAW files they just didn’t function as I am used to, and I could never tell if I got the balance right. I messed with it in the first few shots, then said to hell with it and left the color as it was SOOC. Still gotta work on that.


I love this last one; it came out super-sharp:


So, yeah. I’ll try not to turn this blog into the I Love My Canon SL1! show, but I am getting the telephoto lens in soon, so I’ll have to share the results of that at least. Who knows – maybe that’s where something here will finally go amiss. I could sure see it happening. But in the end, the lenses I already own are going to work out fine.


8 thoughts on “Office Shots

  1. We always love our newest toys – I relate to that! I love these shots. I particularly love the monkeys – all these crafts remind me of things I saw in South America, they have that sense to them, folkart, I guess. We should all have our offices in art departments, to be surrounded by the color and creativity. I will bet you are counting down now and looking forward to having more time this summer to really get into your new accessories :-). (I just sent you a quick update, btw). For some reason, I cannot seem to access Snapseed in Google + by the way. Still working on that. It seems to be available as a stand-alone download but I am going to wait for my new DT to arrive — I have put so many new programs on my HD that I am afraid it will crash (only a few years old and I am already seeing it as a dinosaur, lol).

    • I didn’t realize it was a download, I thought when you pulled up a photo the “edit” button just magically appeared, LOL! I must have downloaded it and don’t remember doing it.

      • Yeah, that is my only browser these days. So, I am not sure what the problem is. Also, it brought up (Google + did) all my pictures and started to reorganize them. Picasa did that and so I have dupes of everything and my original folders, so I stopped G+ because I didn’t want them triplicated, taking up more space. I have to revisit the whole thing when I get a chance. I am also looking at DXO Optics Pro 9 Standard Edition, because one of the reviews I read for Nikon indicated this was a good and intuitive processing program. But it is likely cloning the same functions as on PN, which is really working well and doesn’t require a steep learning curve, so I may just quite while ahead :-).

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