Growing Out Short Hair – With Wigs

I actually do not have hair loss, but discovered wigs when I was trying to grow out my hair (something I’m still doing), so I thought I would address this particular issue here, and offer wig-wearing as a viable alternative to those who, like me, have struggled to successfully grow out short haircuts over the years due to the frustration and impatience such an endeavor can generate.

Now, some women can decide to grow out their hair and just let it go without much fuss. I was never one of those women. I first cut my hair off when I was 14 years old and have probably tried to grow it out at least ten or fifteen times since then – and only been successful at two attempts. By successful I mean getting my hair to at least my shoulders before getting ‘bored’ and cutting it all off again. Usually I would get through the second or third big awkward stage and give up, make an impulse appointment at the hairdresser, and whack it all off again. Eventually I’d regret that decision, but I always hated having a shaggy mess on my head that appeared unkempt no matter what I did to it in the morning. And always some special event would come up – family photos, a wedding, a presentation at work or job interview – where I just couldn’t stand the thought of looking ragged and possibly preserved that way for all eternity.

Growing out short hair, especially of the uber-short pixie type I’ve always gone for, is a bitch for many of us. The amount of time one spends in an awkward stage amounts to at least a year of your life, if not longer. Is this a tragedy? No, and women with hair loss may be feeling a little resentful even hearing me discuss the possibility of having long hair again someday. If that’s the case, I apologize – I do not mean to be insensitive, but I do think the more women who see wig-wearing as a realistic and attractive alternative for them, the better for everyone. So please keep that in mind if you feel like punching me right now.

I ended up in my first wig because in a fit of frustration I actually tried to give myself bangs to make my half-grown-out ragged mess “look better.” Disaster! After wearing hats for two weeks straight I decided to try clip-in bangs (which I could not get to work with my very fine hair) and then a topper (see previous parenthetical) and then a “hat halo” under the hats for more variety. Now all of these things are realistic options, but as it turns out none of them were appropriate for my hair type (baby fine), skill level (zero), and situation (I just can’t wear a hat everywhere I go). I was still reluctant to try a full-on wig, but the alternatives I’d already tried opened me up to the possibility enough so that I was willing to at least buy one to wear around the house to make me feel better about the long months of ugliness that lay ahead as my head tried to recover from the results of my impromptu styling session.

I decided finding a wig in the style into which I was trying to grow my hair would help keep me motivated. I figured I could put it on, see how good it would look when it was grown, and resist the temptation to say screw it, give up, and chop it off. One wig led to two, which led to three, which led to being a full-time wig-wearer for about seven months while the worst of the short jacked-up pixie grew out.

I still had one more fit of madness and cut off all that growth at about the eight-month mark, but that’s another story. The difference is that when regret kicked in that time, I had an arsenal of wigs at my disposal to wear. Every time I began to feel frustrated I threw on a wig, and I had many that were the length I hoped to have on my own head someday to keep me motivated. You might choose to find short wigs that match the current state of your hair instead, which is another alternative. In fact, one thing that often gets those of us who are used to short hair is the ease with which we can change up our look, and obviously the option for quick change is still available to you if you’re wearing wigs. Want to sport a short pixie for awhile? No need to sacrifice the year of growth you’ve managed to acquire – wear it in wig form! Want to try going blonder for summer but don’t want to damage your healthy hair? Wigs could be your answer.

It took me about a year to get fully confident wearing my wigs, but I am totally comfortable with them now and intend to keep wearing them after my hair is grown – they are great for workdays because there’s zero styling involved with synthetics, and when I want a flat-ironed look I can put on a wig instead of using heat on my real hair (same for if I want big curls).

So why grow it out at all? Honestly that’s what happened with my last ‘big chop’ – I thought, man these wigs are so great, I’m just gonna buzz off all my hair and wear them all the time! But a funny thing happened while wearing long wigs so much – I totally changed my mind about how I feel seeing myself in short hair. I always believed I looked best with my hair super-short, but in my forties I’ve decided I look better long. And so, I want to try and really do it. I’ve never had hair past my shoulders my entire life, so why not now? Wigs give me the freedom to actually get there. Without ’em, no way could I get it done. In fact, I’ve already got the long locks now, and so can you – they’re just in my closet instead of on my head (at the moment).

*Disclaimer: This is an old article from a previous blog I’ve re-posted here. I no longer wear wigs regularly and rarely buy them anymore – I’ve just shared this here for informational purposes since the blog where I had it housed has shut down. Questions about wigs may not be answered right away, and questions about newer wig styles I probably won’t be able to answer. I also don’t wear them much them anymore, so requests to review new wigs can’t be honored…just spending my money on other things now, sorry.

9 thoughts on “Growing Out Short Hair – With Wigs

  1. Ya I wore out on Friday one of my wigs before going to get my bio hair cut. After getting it cut I’m not super thrilled with how much thinning she did to my hair and so I can see wearing my wigs will come in handy. And when I don’t want to bother with my hair.

    • The shorter my hair was, the more helpful the wigs were. I wore them all the time up until I had a short bob length – basically until the ears were just about covered, then I stopped wearing them to work but still wore them for going out.

  2. Andy Warhol always wore a wig. He did it s a matter of course, like you’re saying. BTW, he carried diamonds in his pocket, he shopped and he loved makeup AND is one of the most successfully commercial artists of our time! Point made!

  3. Decided to start wearing my wigs for the remaining of the winter. My hair is so long now I have to braid it then bobby pin it in place. Plus I’m kinda sick of seeing my Betty Bangs so it will give me a brake of seeing them for a while. Even though they have grown out a little they need to grow out more lol.

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