As I mentioned last time, I’ve decided to re-categorize the blog to make it more representative of my interests. I’m going to embrace my frivolity and write about hair and shopping and makeup and even review the occasional item I like, in conjunction with ongoing posts about photography.  Whether it’s frivolous or not, it is what I enjoy, and I love writing about all of it, so why not package my blog that way? And my photography fits into it nicely because I enjoy taking pics of all this stuff, plus I enjoy reviewing things and sharing my observations.

When I re-vamped this thing last year, my goal was to make it solely about Art with a capital A, but the truth is I’ve never been the sort of person to live my life as a capital-A Artist anyway. In fact, if I’m being honest, I’ve always avoided those people because they kind of depress me. Not to mention that I never actually did it anyway, and always ended up writing about wigs and clothes and going out to get groceries, so clearly I am not meant to run some blog that’s purely about ART.

So, I will be writing even MORE now about my hair, is my point. I’m also considering making my wig articles and other reviews public again, as well as writing new ones on occasion; it just got so crazy before with all the wig stuff, and the haters, and the wackos, so I am going to take it slow. What this means, though, is that I’d like to transfer some old articles I wrote several years ago about wigs and post them here, and I don’t yet know how to do this without spamming blog followers every time I upload an old post. I’d like to just slip them onto the wig section without everyone getting an announcement every time I do so, because it’s loads of stuff, but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it that way or not. So, if I can’t figure out how to upload posts without emailing everyone each time, I’ll just build that section of the site slowly and only upload one at a time over the course of several weeks. And moving forward, I can fit my posts about clothing or makeup into an appropriate category without calling it all “blog posts.”

That’s all for now; I’ve been working on the blog all day and my arm is killing me. Something else I’ve got to take care of this week…

(Oh, and my friend Mel might recognize parts of this post as an email conversation I had with her about the subject. I explained it so succinctly to her that I just copied and pasted parts of it here…)

8 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. I think you are headed in an exciting direction with this. Isn’t this really about creativity, especially the creative word, so to speak, as well as all the visuals? Anyway, great evolution — keeping it fresh and timely as you develop your avocational interests. WordPress doesn’t seem to be plagued by crazies, as we have concluded before, TG!

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