Double Wigsion! When The Same Wig Looks Completely Different (Estetica Orchid)

*Disclaimer: This is an old article from a previous blog I’ve re-posted here. I no longer wear wigs regularly and rarely buy them anymore – I’ve just shared this here for informational purposes since the blog where I had it housed has shut down. Questions about wigs I may not be able to answer right away, and questions about newer wig styles I probably won’t be able to answer at all. 

About a week or two ago I reviewed an Estetica Orchid in the color R6/28F. At the time I noted how much I liked it and what a nice summer wig I thought it would be. A few days ago, I saw it on sale at when I was buying some other stuff, so I threw a different colored Orchid in the cart, too.

I got it in a few days ago, at a time when I was so enthralled with my Louis Ferres that I didn’t even take it out of the box. Eventually I took it out and moved it to a wighead, but I still didn’t bother to try it on until just now. I mean, I know what it looks like already, right? This is just the same wig in a different color after all…

Allow me to refresh your memory first of what Orchid in R6/28F looked like on me:


And now, here’s Orchid in R6LF29:


Seriously, this doesn’t even look like the same wig. As I described it to some online friends of mine when I showed them these pictures, the second one makes the first one look deflated. And I liked the first one! At least until I saw the second one.

Now this is probably the most dramatic difference between two wigs of the same style I’ve come across in a long time. But on a smaller scale, it does happen quite often. None of my Amore Samanthas have layers that fall the same way, and one wants to part from one side while the other wants to part from a different place. I’ve never ordered two wigs and had them be exactly the same, so, that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

This however, is pretty dramatic. And it made me think of a comment I hear pretty regularly from people who watch a lot of wig reviews on YouTube. Many times a YouTuber will review a wig, and someone will order it based on that review, then not like it when they get it in. It might even be poorly constructed, or misshapen, or possess some other flaw that renders it unwearable. Sometimes the person may just not like it on their head, but from time to time a positively reviewed wig will have real problems when someone else gets one. What I’ve heard people say when that happens is that the reviewer was “lying” when they said it was a nice one. And I am not sure that’s a fair assumption to make. Anyone who watched my review and received Orchid #2 would be pretty hard-pressed to agree with me that it is light in density, because Orchid #2 is rather thick. And they might think I was stretching the truth a bit to call Wig #2 ‘casual’ because it looks way more glam and dressy than Orchid #1.

So keep in mind that each wig has its own personality. It’s rare to get two that are this dissimilar, but each new one is a little different from the last, and if you’re ordering a second one as backup or replacement you may have to make a few adjustments to its particular shape and style. And if it doesn’t seem to be what a wig reviewer said it was, it may not be that they were lying, or getting paid to say nice things about the wig by the manufacturer (although some reviewers do get ‘paid’ in the form of free wigs – I’m not one of those), it may be that they were working with a different wig – literally!



6 thoughts on “Double Wigsion! When The Same Wig Looks Completely Different (Estetica Orchid)

  1. Woweee, what a difference in the two. I’m ordering one today and I sure hope it comes as full as the second one you’re wearing. I’m gonna order the same color too!

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