Review: The Easy Edge Wig by LuxHair WOW in Color 10/130R

As with anything I review here, I purchased this item with my own money and my opinions are solely my own. No one asked me to do this review and I was not paid or given anything for free to do it. 

Easy Edge is a style I’ve owned before, but I got it in a color that was awful on me – 747T – and I got rid of it pretty quickly. When I first bought it though, I thought the style was incredibly cute, and I remember sending pictures of it to a bunch of friends who all seemed underwhelmed by it. That probably influenced my decision to pass it along, but I still blame the color more than anything. It’s remained on my radar as a style I wanted to try again someday in a better shade, and when I got a $50 gift certificate from Vogue Wigs, I figured it was time to give it another go. It’s not a wig that’s available everywhere the LuxHair WOW line is sold, and often times I can’t find it available in the color I want; in fact, this time I really wanted a plain and simple dark brown but it was out of stock, so I went with the red that at least had brown mixed in so it would blend better with my bio hair (my hair has reached a length that makes short wigs more tricky, so I always want to be sure if anything ends up slipping out of the cap it at least is a close match).


The bangs on this wig are shorter than just about any other I’ve tried, and in the photos here I used some styling cream to give them texture as they tend to just sit there going straight across the forehead without it. But I like that the stylists really went for it and gave this one a good short fringe – that’s hard to find in a short wig without having to cut them yourself, and personally I am terrible at bang-trimming. I also like the amount of coverage over the ears and in the back; my bio hair is longer now and I don’t have to worry too much with this one about stray hairs slipping out, because over the ears and at the nape things are covered.


The color here is also fantastic. Even though it wasn’t my first choice, in the end I’m glad I got it because it’s very fun and fits the funky style of the wig perfectly.


I just love all the texture in this one! The crown area is very all-over-the-place, and unless you want to break out your hairdryer or a flat iron it’s going to do what it wants; the fiber is heat-friendly so you could do that if you’d like, but I find it best just let it do it’s thing and be happy with it. Again,  styling cream or spray will really help this one maintain the textured look, and while the crown area can definitely stand at attention, I think it’s well-balanced by the length on the sides and in  back, which keeps the top from looking too high or poufy.


The cap here is nothing special. It’s a standard wefted cap and I found it to run a little small. The comfort level is adequate but it’s nothing to write home (or a blog post) about; it has adjustable velcro tabs which I like but other than that it’s just your typical cap, and after a few hours it can get a little itchy over the ears. The heat-friendly fiber doesn’t bother me on a short synthetic wig so that’s not a problem here, and overall I’ve got no complaints as far as cap construction or comfort level other than it being a wee bit snug.


This one is getting a more positive reaction than my previous one did, so I think a peppier color definitely helped. I think the cut is adorable and edgy and that the price is right for this one to be a fun summer wig – not sure why more people haven’t tried this one out yet since it can be had for less than $100 (although just below that). With those short pixie bangs, it looks especially cute with a head scarf or headband. If you’re looking for something super-short and textured, this one might be worth a try. I am definitely going to get my money’s worth out of mine!

*Disclaimer: This is an old article from a previous blog I’ve re-posted here. I no longer wear wigs regularly and rarely buy them anymore – I’ve just shared this here for informational purposes since the blog where I had it housed has shut down. Questions about wigs may not be answered right away, and questions about newer wig styles I probably won’t be able to answer. I also don’t wear them much them anymore, so requests to review new wigs can’t be honored…just spending my money on other things now, sorry.


9 thoughts on “Review: The Easy Edge Wig by LuxHair WOW in Color 10/130R

  1. No questions. Just a statement. “Awesome.” This looks fantastic on you. I want one and I’m even considering that color. I was a redhead in the late 80’s, but that was…let’s see…2014 minus 1988. That’s 8 from 4, borrow from the one…anyway, a long time ago.
    Unfortunately everything looks good on you and lures us sheep into thinking that we will look that good also.
    Yes, do like your new blog design.

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