Review: The Mackenzie Wig by Estetica in Color 6/10

As with anything I review here, I purchased this item with my own money and my opinions are solely my own. No one asked me to do this review and I was not paid or given anything for free to do it. 

I have not been much interested in trying out new wigs lately – a few Renaus, like Julianne, have interested me, but man have the prices gone up on JR wigs. I can’t bring myself to pay over $400 for a synthetic wig, even if it is hand-tied, and even though I know she can be gotten for well below the listed retail price, it’s the principle of the thing to me. There’s no reason I can see for a synthetic wig to be priced that high, no matter how awesome it is. So for one reason or another, I’ve been talking myself out of pretty much every wig I see that I might like to try, until I stumbled across the new Mackenzie by Estetica on’s clearance page. It was only about $75, so I jumped at the opportunity to try it out.


Mackenzie is similar, I think, to the Orchid wig from the Estetica line, but it has a lot more hair than that wig and I think the layers here are longer. Orchid is also a monofilament part wig, while Mackenzie here has only the lace front.


I found the wig cap to be a little short in circumference, but then again, I now have enough bio hair that I need a small ponytail in the back to keep it tucked in, so that may be affecting the fit of the wig. The lacefront is pretty dense, which I personally like (but I know a lot of people don’t) and it doesn’t lay completely flat against my head, which may be due to the short circumference problem. Other than these issues, the cap was comfortable and the wig was easy for me to wear for several hours with no complaints. As I mentioned, though, it is not a low-density wig and wouldn’t be a good one to try and wear in summer. It’s a lot of hair.


The color is 6/10, which was my only choice at the clearance price, and it’s a nice, cool brown with no red tones that I can see. I actually like the color more than I thought I would.


The cut is beautiful – nice long, full layers.


It looks lovely from the back – but be warned, this sucker is pretty long!


The hair fiber is not as shiny as it looks in these photos; I was using a fill flash that hit the synthetic fiber with a bit too much light. It doesn’t read as shiny in person – at least not in this color.


Here’s Mackenzie outside in natural light. There’s a fair amount of permatease/pouf in the crown area for volume, and you could really tease it up and out if you wanted to do so, but it also lies down nicely and looks pretty darn natural. Also, the long swoopy bangs are well-done and I didn’t have issues with it getting in my face. The wig came parted down the middle right out of the box, but it was easy to move the part around to where I wanted it. It looks nice parted from the center, too, by the way.


Here’s a close-up of the color. Very nice, and a great-looking hairline too!

Overall I am thrilled with Mackenzie. I think it looks much better than the stock photos I’ve seen – but the stock photos aren’t bad either, actually. Mackenzie was definitely one I had my eye on already, and if I hadn’t found her on sale so quickly, I would have eventually paid full price to try her out. It’s a thick long style from Estetica, with a beautiful cut and wave pattern, a nice lace front, and a comfortable fit – if a little short in circumference. I found it easy to wear for several hours at a time, and the tangling was no more than would be expected from a long synthetic wig. The hair fiber wasn’t overly shiny or dry. If you’ve been curious about this one since it came out (which was recently, I believe) it just might be worth a try. And the 6/10 color is a nice cool brown if that’s something you’ve been hankering for, too.

Disclaimer: This is an older article from a previous blog I’ve re-posted here. I no longer wear wigs regularly and rarely buy them anymore – I’ve just shared this here for informational purposes since the blog where I had it housed has shut down. Questions about wigs I may not be able to answer right away, and questions about newer wig styles I probably won’t be able to answer at all. 


15 thoughts on “Review: The Mackenzie Wig by Estetica in Color 6/10

  1. I’ll be getting my MacKenzie tomorrow. I’m so excited! I don’t know why, but I always passed this one up so many times in favor of others but I finally came back to her and ordered. Didn’t get the awesome clearance price, but then again, I got 30% of the retail, so not complaining too much. I’m also waiting on my Eden, a new Spring 2016 release from Estetica. Have had some issues with that one though. The first one I ordered had heavy, very coppery blonde highlights (Caramel Kiss Rooted). To me, it looked as though someone sprayed goldish/copper paint on it….back it went for another color. When the replacement arrived, I couldn’t have been more disappointed with it. Eden is a monofilament top, but the right top area (where I usually part my own hair) all the way back to the crown, was so sparse. It looked as though IT was losing it’s hair. So I returned it, and the lady in customer service at Wilshire Wigs said she would order me another and inspect it herself and would call me if there were any issues before shipping.

    Hoping I’m gonna love my MacKenzie and that she will be as beautiful as the one you have. I do have to say that I’m surprised that it’s density is on the thick side because in looking at the stock photo, it didn’t appear to be.

    In any case, MacKenzie looks amazing on you, so I’m hoping to have the same results.

    • I know what you mean about that caramel kiss color – I’ve tried it too and it was really streaky! Estetica is an OK line but not one of my faves; the Mackenzie is a nice one though!

      • Soooooo, I got my MacKenzie yesterday and, OMG it is not what I was hoping for. The sides and overall length look much shorter than yours. I can tolerate the length being a little shorter but definitely not the sides. My first thought was it looked like a mullet about 4 months into growing out! The best thing that I can say is that the hair line is incredible, probably one of the best on any of my LFs, and the color is beautiful (R6/28F). Don’t know if I should just send it back and forget about it or just exchange for another Orchid. I seem to be having a run of dissatisfaction with Estectica lately between the Eden and now MacKenzie.

    • When you say the wig is way gone and you have a quick turn about , what do you mean? Do you sell all of the ones you review? Or you wear them so much theyre worn out fast? As you may be able to tell Im new here.😊

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