Quick Review: The BeauBeau Headscarf

It’s getting hotter outside, and for wig-wearers this is a real conundrum. How to spend time out of doors and still cover your head?

peaceout 2

Many people say human hair wigs are cooler than synthetic ones, although I’ve not yet tested this theory out since I don’t wear them. And companies like Gabor and Jon Renau make wigs with a capless construction that facilitates more breathe-ability (is that a word?) and air circulation. But today I thought I’d present another option: the BeauBeau headscarf.

flowered 3

Certainly you can find headscarves cheaper than a BeauBeau, but for women with hair loss or sensitive scalps (or both) the BeauBeau is a nice option. These scarves are lined with cotton, which makes them cool as well as comfortable against the scalp, and they come in a variety of fabrics from very dressy to workout casual. They are also great for people like me who never had luck tying a regular scarf to fit over their hair as it comes pre-tied with a matching scrunchie you can use to create different configurations for the scarf.  If needed one could also put a halo (they are available in different lengths) under the headscarf and keep the head cool while still showing some hair around the face.

Madame 1

Headscarves are tricky – they tend to read as “sick” to other people, and many women don’t like to wear them for that reason. But personally I’ve seen headscarves on a lot of women who are not sick, and in fact, I think they can look not only cute but downright glamorous. I’ve always preferred headscarves to hats when covering my hair even before wearing wigs, and I was glad to discover these as they are so much easier than trying to tie the knot myself. I also wear them all the time around the house when I am not pleased with what’s sitting on my head and am not in the mood to wear a wig.


22 thoughts on “Quick Review: The BeauBeau Headscarf

  1. First, they look great on you.
    As far as human vs synthetic and heat? I own both and if there is a difference, it’s very minimal when it’s hot outside. (100+)
    In moderate Temps, human is cooler especially if there is a slight breeze.
    Does any of that make sense? 🙂

  2. Each one really changes your look, cute nerd, vintage glamor, tough girl, etc! You are amazing and definitely could have been a spy, certainly an actress! And no matter what style, you are always so beautiful!

    • I considered actress when I was younger, but I was not willing to live the life required to “make it.” That’s a big part of that game, and you gotta be willing to hit the pavement hard every day and take a lot of rejection…just never was for me. I do know people who did it for years and made it eventually (I went to college with Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, for example) but he committed his whole life to it and his fame came pretty late, relatively speaking. No way would I have stuck to it for as long as he did! But I do incorporate a little acting into the photos 😉

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