Do Overs

I’d been eyeing this skirt at my new obsession, Free People, for about two months and finally decided to buy it Monday morning. Then I decided to try some levitation shots in it, since a Flickr friend was complaining (jokingly) about my lack of self-portraits lately and I thought I could show you all the fabulous skirt. Unfortunately, the levitation stuff didn’t work out at all. It’s difficult for me to get the color balance to match when I am using a white background; much more difficult than when I’m using the black, and try as I might I could not get a decent composite shot at all. I did my best to process a few of my attempts anyway, but they aren’t very good. Still, you can get a gander at the skirt if nothing else:

skirt3_Snapseed skirt4_Snapseed

After the disappointing results I got with those, I decided to take older photos I’ve not yet uploaded to my Flickr account and re-work them by running them through RadLab. Every time I process a shot, I save a copy in a file I’ve titled “To Be Uploaded,” and it’s gotten ridiculously full lately. Since I have some pretty old stuff sitting in that file right now, I decided to see if I could turn any of it into something I might actually want to go ahead and share on Flickr.


This was one of the shots I did back when I was just learning how to smooth skin in photoshop; I think I took it with my telephoto lens when it was new. I also edited two shots from my pink fuzzy sweater set I did back in November of last year:

044_Snapseed (2)

I added a lot of light and contrast to this one; still not sure I like it any better than I did before, which clearly wasn’t much as it’s still sitting in the To Be Uploaded file.

This next shot has always miffed me. I really liked the pose and composition of the shot, but the picture itself lacked punch. I went ahead and converted to B&W when working with it, since the color seemed to be working against it, and after further RadLabbing I think it actually works now:


Also, I have a bunch of shots left from when I got that $16 space dress, because I managed to make myself look really good in that thing so I processed a ton. I’ve never uploaded all of them, though, because how many shots of me in a curly wig and a space dress does anyone need to see? But to give myself an excuse to upload another one, I ran it through the Dirty Pictures filter to add some texture – I thought this texture really worked with the off-center stance I had here:


And last but not least, I used both RadLab and Dirty Pictures on this last shot, which was taken when I was testing out a snood on my Speedlite:

spot 1a_Snapseed

Not sure I like this one all that much, but still, it was fun to re-work some old stuff and RadLab makes it very easy. I paid $150 for the plugin, but it was worth it. I may go through the To Be Uploaded folder again tomorrow and see what else I can improve (or destroy as the case may be). Happy Tuesday everyone!


16 thoughts on “Do Overs

  1. I love that Free People skirt. Have to run over to the mall tomorrow anyway — love to see if they still have it at the store. I do like that space dress — what a bargain and why aren’t more dresses made in that material and style? Ones without space ships…Now I see, you took that with the telephoto. I never thinking of taking close-ups with the telephoto but that is a good idea. Nice assortment here although I don’t really see what RadLab added to anything (but maybe that is a monitor/computer/internet issue). 🙂

    • You would if you saw the originals…LOL. I’ve just been too lazy to do comparisons lately! And the skirt is just gorgeous; it’s not cheap so I’ve been waffling on it a long time but it’s never going to go on sale it seems, so I got it anyway. It does have that annoying half-slip lining that I do not like (where the lining stops mid-thigh) but the skirt isn’t terribly transparent so it isn’t noticeable. I got several cute things yesterday; Ann Taylor Loft had some great linen pants that actually didn’t look terrible on me (linen bottoms are generally not my friend) and a nice jacket and two tees. A pretty productive trip!

      • Why do they do that? Do they think it will show or something or is it to save money? Linen is hard to wear unless it is the washable kind. It is so freaking hot here, I have only been wearing shorts and tank tops. Ugh and high humidity too, at 100F and 90% humidity this place is impossible. Running up a fortune in AC … 😦

        • Yep, it’s brutal here too. The humidity is unbearable.

          I think it’s just the fashion right now for your bare legs to show through a sheer skirt. I hate it though! I think it ruins the look of the skirt. But in the case of this one, it’s not all that sheer so it actually just serves as a nice booty cover. 🙂 I didn’t even notice it had a lining at all until I got home. I did take one nice shot that’s just me standing in the skirt, so I may process that one later to show it better. I still can’t get up the motivation to do a full set, but maybe if I go ahead and put up the brick wall backdrop that will help. I just really like to have a full free day to do that and I have not had one all summer with all the house stuff and doctor check-ups!

  2. Oh and I like that particular skirt. You look great in it! If I had not gone to that store on an emergency basis a few weeks ago, I would be scouting around for that Free People skirt you just bought! Looks great on you and you can wear it in Winter too with boots…Wear it in good health!

  3. I especially like your re-worked B&W photo. Fantastic composition and shading. Also like the one in your “Star Trek” dress. What are you a size 0? Which makes me think, how can there be a size 0? A size 0 would mean you wouldn’t be there. Kind of anti-matter humor.

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