Review: EasiHair Headband Wigs by Jon Renau – Luscious and Escape in Color 6

As with anything I review here, I purchased this item with my own money and my opinions are solely my own. No one asked me to do this review and I was not paid or given anything for free to do it. 

Since I finally have some length to my own hair, I’ve not been buying or wearing wigs out and about, but still using them in photos constantly (I rarely use my own hair in photos as wigs look so much fuller and more interesting). What I have been doing, though, is wearing hairpieces on the weekends. I’ve never been able to wear the various clip-ons and clip-ins that are available to women nowadays, because my bio hair is baby fine and doesn’t hold clips well (I’ve never even been able to get a ponytail to stay in my hair when I had length), but 3/4 wigs, headband wigs or falls I can usually do.

All these types of wigs show at least some of your own hair, and to me headband wigs are easiest. These have hair sewn directly onto a headband; my favorite ones utilize a full, 360-degree soft one. There are some with hair sewn onto a semicircle hard headband that is attached to a wefted cap, and I’ve even seen a few semicircle headbands (half headbands? I don’t know what to call these things and am making up names) with nothing but hair sewn onto that, no cap attached of any kind, but unless you have natural hair of the same length as that sewn into the headband, it’s gonna look pretty strange if the wind blows your hair around.

Full headband wig:

Terrible photo quality, but you can see the inside cap.

Semicircle or hard headband wig:


There aren’t many 3/4 and half wigs available to Caucasian women although the ethnic lines have tons of them – most of which are not directly attached to headbands but can certainly be worn under one. I don’t like non-headband 3/4 or half wigs because they utilize combs to attach the piece to the hair, and I detest combs. Even the ones I do wear have them, but I cut them out, as they pinch my hair terribly. So I’m glad the Easihair line still offers several, and as they are relatively inexpensive (they retail for anywhere from $50 to $60, and as anyone who buys wigs online knows, all you have to do is wait a week or two for an online vendor to have a sale and you can snag them for up to 30% off that) they are easy to play around with, too. There are a few other vendors making headband wigs I’d like to try, but they cost considerably more so I haven’t taken the plunge yet; there’s one by Henry Margu I’d like to try as it comes in a nice bob style, but it’s $135, which is a far cry from the cheaper Easihair ones.

One big trick to wearing a hairpiece is matching the color to your hair. This is where buying such things from a physical store, or from an online store with a fair return policy, is a necessity. In my case, I’ve tried enough wigs from Jon Renau to know that a color 6 is a dead match for my bio hair, so I didn’t have to sweat that. However, I find the 6 to be a very “flat” color with little dimension (for the life of me I don’t get why Renau and Raquel Welch both have to make their brunettes so damn dark!) and have experimented with a few other colors to see if I can’t get a dark brown that’s more natural. But in a pinch, I know a Renau 6 will work. If your hair is highlighted or not as easy to match as mine, you might need to proceed with more caution, but remember the match doesn’t have to be exact. Take a look at women with highlighted hair who pull it back into a headband sometime, and you’ll notice that unless they  just got their hair colored, the roots of the hair at the hairline won’t match all the highlighted hair flowing out from the headband, so keep that in mind. No one’s hair is one solid color all over, and most of us (unless we’re gray at the roots) have roots that are darker, so a headband wig one shade lighter or darker than your hairline is probably fine.

For being relatively inexpensive, the hair fiber on the Easihair headband wigs is pretty nice stuff. A little tangly, especially on the long one, and pretty shiny when seen in flash photography (as you’ll see below) or in certain light – but you can always use baby powder or some dry shampoo to counter the shine. So allow me now to show you some photos of each one I’ve owned, and I’ll detail the pros and cons of each one.

#1. Luscious by Easihair, color 6:

Luscious is the most glamorous and the prettiest of the four I’ve tried; it’s also the least practical. I got this one on clearance for $40 at Wow Wigs, and if I’d waited for one of their twice-monthly 30% off storewide sales, I would have gotten it for an even better bargain, but I was afraid someone else might buy it before then so I snatched it up when I first saw it. Perhaps it’s because I got it on clearance, which means it was either a return or a really old piece, but for whatever reason it sheds like crazy. Every time I brush it (something it’s best not to do with a long synthetic wig too often as it damages the fiber) long strands of it fall out. Unusual for something from Jon Renau, but again, these are relatively cheap so it stands to reason they wouldn’t be as well-made as their full wigs. It also tangles quite easily as any long synthetic does – and this sucker is LONG.

Shine due to camera flash

This is a soft headband, and it’s very comfortable on. I can put my glasses on over the headband easily and it does not bother my ears. In order to put these headband wigs on over my bio hair (which is now about to my chin) I go ahead and tuck all my hair into a wig cap first, then put the headband wig on over the cap just like you would a wig, by leaning over and fitting it to the forehead first, then pulling it down over the nape area. I know some people wouldn’t like wearing a wig cap under this as it would feel bulky or hot, but wig caps don’t bother me, first of all, and struggling to tuck all my stray hairs into the cap without also getting a bunch of long wig hair tucked into the band at the same time was too much of a struggle for me, so now I just go the wig cap route and it’s a snap. From jaw-length bob to jaw-dropping bombshell hair in under a minute.

And as you can see from my non-flash pics (I used flash on the frontal shots because I am 44 and vain and the flash helps disguise wrinkles and dark circles SO DEAL WITH IT), the hair is quite pretty too:

easihair11 easihair10

For looks, this one is my favorite, but that shedding is gonna knock a star off it for now, until I get a second one and figure out if this one was just a clunker or that’s common for all of them.

#2. Escape by Easihair, color 6:

Escape is not my favorite look, but it’s by far the most practical. It’s several inches longer than my bio hair, but I discovered long ago that as long as you stay close in color and style to whatever your ‘normal’ hair is you can add several inches and people will not notice. I’ve shown up at my mother’s house in a wig several inches longer than my bio hair and she didn’t notice until I told her, for Pete’s sake, so I know I can throw this one on and leave the house and no one I encounter is going to know. Even if they do, though, I don’t care – this is what I do on days when I don’t feel like styling my hair, so the world can piss off if they don’t like it.

Piss off, world!

It’s very layered and ‘flippy’ around the ends and, dare I say it, rather ‘soccer-mom’ in style, so I didn’t like at first. But it’s such a nice, practical length and the soft headband is so comfortable that it doesn’t have to be perfect for me to like wearing it around on weekends.

More layering than I would like, but no one wig is ever going to have everything you want. Trust me on this one – I’ve tried.

Unlike Luscious, I don’t experience a lot of shedding with this one. It’s much shorter, so there isn’t a tangling issue either.


All of these wigs have a comb at the crown of the headband as well as at the nape; with these 360-degree soft ones I do not have to use either one. I really need to cut them out, though, as they tend to stick up and out of the wig (!), but so far only my husband has noticed and that’s because he tried to run his fingers through my long one (such a mistake with a synthetic wig, honestly he should know better by now) and he got poked by it. That’ll teach him! But even without the combs, these are very secure and I feel no threat of them slipping off during the day. They both have an adjustable velcro tab at the nape that can widen or tighten the cap, too, which is nice.

For sheer convenience and wearability this one gets my top vote, but again, it’s not nearly as pretty as Luscious and more of a workhorse than an appearance enhancer. It isn’t ugly by any means, just more practical and simple in style than Luscious – and maybe a little dated at this point. I have two of these, so when one of them gets a little worn out I may take some steam to it to see if that helps reduce the flips and update the look.

Because I’ve gone on way longer than I intended with this, I am going to continue with the Impulsive and the Smitten another time, and one of those is just plain ugly – but I’m not going to tell you which one (I bet you can guess!). The link to those two reviews is now up here.

Disclaimer: This is an older article from a previous blog I’ve re-posted here. I no longer wear wigs regularly and rarely buy them anymore – I’ve just shared this here for informational purposes since the blog where I had it housed has shut down. Questions about wigs I may not be able to answer right away, and questions about newer wig styles I probably won’t be able to answer at all.



15 thoughts on “Review: EasiHair Headband Wigs by Jon Renau – Luscious and Escape in Color 6

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  2. First of all the dark circles under the eyes and the wrinkles are just from living a full life and I’ll take a woman who has aged gracefully and bravely rather than some sand blasted plastic face barbie who’s afraid to show a little age or a little grey hair,as for the photos they are beautiful as always Marey!

  3. Pingback: mareymercy.

    • Probably the Escape, which for me is a bummer because I really like the Luscious better. It’s really long though, and may be harder to pull off. There’s one I reviewed somewhere here called the Brilliance by Wendy Williams, and it’s shoulder-length and wavy. I think that one is very realistic looking, but it might be hard to find at this point.

  4. Wow! I can’t get over how dark the 6 is. It looks like a warm dark brown to me but with no color variation, just sort of flat. I’ve got Courtney in 4/33 & ordered Brandi in Cappucino. Now I wasn’t to order the Hat Magic by Jon Renau for days when I don’t feel like bothering with a full wig. I was thinking to do color 4 but after seeing this, I think I’ll go with the 6. It should be close enough to the other 2 (I hope lol) I really love the Luscious one on you! So pretty!

    • Renau’s 4 is VERRRYYYY dark. I’ve never been able to wear it! I’d go with the 6 for sure. Also I have tried 3 hat magics and they all broke within two seconds of taking them out of the box! The straps just snapped. No one else reports this problem so perhaps I just don’t know my own strength…?

      • The straps snapped off on mine too LOL But I was able to put it back together easily & Im glad I got it because it’s a nice alternative when I want to wear a hat. I ended up with 6/33 because 6 was out of stock. I think I’d prefer the 6 because I do like the darker colors.

  5. I made my decision based on your photos & videos. I assumed the 4 would have to be nearly black.. So glad I ordered it in the 6 and thanks for that info. I’ll be really careful when opening mine. Hope it doesn’t happen as I’m really looking forward to using it as an alternative on days when I want to wear a hat rather than a wig. I will let you know if it does though. (Fingers crossed) I was looking at clip in ponytails & considering the Breathless by Jon Renau. Color 4H27 swatch pic looks really pretty. Sure wish there were more shades like that in Renau’s line. Also not sure what it looks like as I haven’t found any real photos online.

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