Adjusting a Too-Big Wig: Tucking the Cap

An internet friend of mine recently shared this tip with some fellow wig-wearers, and graciously agreed to let me post it here. This is a technique that can be used to pinch in or tuck a wig that feels too big; another wig-wearer shared that she does the same thing using a stapler instead of a needle and thread!

Let me add here that there is no way in hell I could do this. I am hopeless with a needle and thread. A stapler I might be able to handle though. The woman who staples hers says she washes and wears them with the staples regularly and it causes her no problems, so there you go. If I come across a wig I feel is too roomy in the future, I might give the stapling method a go. But for now, here’s the sewing technique, complete with pictures!

The scissors are pointing at where I begin. I know to sew about 1″ from the bottom of the ear tab. The way my wig is laying is exactly how it lays while I sew. The lace front is the top of the wig.


First stitch.


Second stitch.


The two stitches pulled together. I make several stitches.


The scissors are pointing at the finished tuck. You see some wefts below the tuck are buckled, but that’s ok. The wig won’t look any different on the outside. I also don’t cut my thread close to the knot. That helps the knot to stay tied, but also if I notice it does become loose, I just grab the two ends and re-tighten. Saves me from having to sew again.


7 thoughts on “Adjusting a Too-Big Wig: Tucking the Cap

  1. I’ve tried this and maybe I got it wrong because my wig left a gaped nape🙁. It the only part of Wig to big….I really wish I could tighten it without buckling or gaping.

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