Wig Review: Gorgeous by Raquel Welch in Color R10

As with anything I review here, I purchased this item with my own money and my opinions are solely my own. No one asked me to do this review and I was not paid or given anything for free to do it. 

I’ll start off by saying I’m glad I picked up Gorgeous in an R10 on Vogue Wigs’ latest clearance sale, because I was thisclose to buying a new Celebrity in that color, and as it turns out I don’t like it as much on me as I thought I did. I once had a  Relentless in R10 that I really liked, but for some reason the color is coming off way too caramel on me this time and washing me out. Plus, the lacefront in an R10 is really light, which is a problem for me with my dark bio hair.


Maybe it’s just me,  but I can see my dark hairline showing up underneath the lace and fairly light knots on this one. So, Celebrity in an R10 will be a no-go for me and I’ll have to get a different color.

Color error aside, I actually like the style of Gorgeous. I’d heard mixed reviews from people about it, with many women saying they had to get it cut to make it work. It is different, and I can see where it might be difficult; it would be a hard wig to use for daily wear, at least, because it’s pretty big and not what I’d call natural-looking.


I mean, that is a lot of hair, with a whole lotta heavy going on up top and many layers around the bottom. There’s actually permatease up there to get even more volume out of it if you want it; this has to be one of the most poufy Raquel Welch wigs I’ve tried in a long time. The heavy long bangs definitely want to swoop away from the forehead too, so it can give an odd look – my first  impression of it when I put it on was that it was very wide. It’s definitely voluminous and heavier in density, and to me, it has a very 70’s vibe to it in that there’s movement and layering yet the overall effect is still pretty thick. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I’m doing the best I can. It looks quite glam to me, and although I really like it I don’t know that I could pull it off without looking like I’m wearing a wig – it’s almost too much hair to be believable. You’d need a lot of chutzpah to make this once convincing, but if you could do it, you’d be the envy of every woman in the room. So it might be worth giving it a try, as the risk just might be worth it in the end.

The side and back views are actually easier to like than it is from the front, I think:

Gorgeous5_Snapseed Gorgeous4_Snapseed Gorgeous6_Snapseed

I love the back view in particular, and it really shows the effect of that heavy crown offset by all the layering around the bottom. I hate to say this, because it makes it sound like I don’t love the look of this wig, which I do – but there’s almost a mushroom-y shape to this cut that’s going to be a challenge to pull off. It does have a nice soft wave, but the overall effect is still one of being more straight than wavy, because the crown is so straight and thick. It’s a weird one – but at some point I would like to get it in a darker brown that works better on me, because for special occasions I think it’d be fantastic. And, it sounds like some women are getting this one trimmed up to make it work better for them, so that’s an option too.

The wig has a monofilament part only, so you’re not going to move the hair around too much – I thought for a wig that retails at $200 a full mono would have been more appropriate, but every company’s prices seem to be going through the roof lately, so I should just start getting used to that (it’s not like I haven’t owned other mono-part wigs that retailed for over $200, so perhaps the fact that I no longer wear wigs full-time is making me more frugal). The cap was comfortable as I find all Raquel Welch caps to be, but it was on the big side – in fact, I actually checked the tag to make sure I hadn’t bought a large cap by mistake. I definitely had to pull the velcro tabs way in on this one; I have an average-petite head but was wearing it over a full head of shoulder-length hair, so I found this surprising. Also, the color R10 is very pretty, just a bit too light and auburn for me. Raquel Welch has some gorgeous colors, and R10 is no exception.

Overall, I am a fan of Gorgeous, and I think it lives up to the name – as long as we’re thinking Glam-Gorgeous here, and not Naturally-Gorgeous. I like that it is unlike any other long wig I’ve tried in cut and  shape, since finding a truly unique style in the world of wigs is rare.


Disclaimer: This is an older article from a previous blog I’ve re-posted here. I no longer wear wigs regularly and rarely buy them anymore – I’ve just shared this here for informational purposes since the blog where I had it housed has shut down. Questions about wigs I may not be able to answer right away, and questions about newer wig styles I probably won’t be able to answer at all.


8 thoughts on “Wig Review: Gorgeous by Raquel Welch in Color R10

  1. Marey I have question for you,if the cap that is used to weave the hair into the wig starts to lose it’s tightness and it doesn’t have straps to adjust it’s size. is there any way to tighten it or is it time to throw it away.

    • I have an article somewhere on tucking a too-big cap…let me see if I can find it and if so I will post it! I’ve never done it before but someone sent me the info when i ran a wig blog, and I think I still have it

  2. I like the style a lot — sort of old and new, if you know what I mean. I couldn’t get away with it because my hair looks nothing like that but it is good to know about anyway. Can’t you dye it? It is pretty on you. I wonder if Raquel Welch wears those wigs with her name on them.

    • Nope, you cannot dye a synthetic wig. Although I do have a post somewhere that was written by someone else about using colored mousse to slightly change the color on a synthetic – I’ll have to see if I still have that one, too.

  3. I remember this post from the first time around and thought it looked great on you then. I know this is impossible since they are the same pictures, but I feel it looks better now. That’s odd.

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