Wearing Wigs: How to Measure Your Head

I was resistant to measuring my head for a long time because, believe it or not, I was absolutely certain that without a doubt my head was petite, and therefore I didn’t need to check. Not surprisingly, I was wrong. I discovered this by first checking out the videos made by Patti at Patti’s Pearls here and here to be sure I did it correctly, then I measured three times to be certain I had it right.

I’ve put this information up because I think it’s helpful for people who read my reviews to be able to compare my head measurements to theirs. My height and weight might also be helpful, but hey, I have my limits. Anyway, here are my head measurements so that you  know – then, if you already know or determine later that your measurements are radically different from mine, you can keep that in mind when viewing my reviews.

  • Circumference : 21.5
  • Ear to Ear : 12
  • Forehead to Nape : 13.5

Overall I fall into the “average-petite” category. I have always been convinced I had the tiniest head imaginable and even purchased some petite wigs based on that assumption; turns out I am pretty darn average with a hint of petite. Mostly I was convinced of that because when my hair was incredibly short, my wigs did have more room in them; now that I have a full head of hair my average wigs are a tighter fit. So whether or not you have hair makes a difference, but probably a full cap size-worth.

Head size, by the way, has nothing to do with body size. I have a teeny, tiny friend with one of the biggest heads I’ve ever seen – not that you would know it from looking at her. It’s only when we tried to put some of my wigs on her head (and ones that were too big for me at that) that we discovered just how large it was! So, if you haven’t ever measured your head and are assuming you know what size you are, it might be better not to make assumptions. Especially if you’re regularly buying wigs and getting surprised by how “different” they look on you when you get them in. Could be a size issue!

Now, once you’ve taken the measurements down, Wigs.com has a great cap sizes chart here that you can use to see how you “measure up.”


2 thoughts on “Wearing Wigs: How to Measure Your Head

  1. Very informative. I thought I was an average and as it turned out, I was. Should have known, for years people have been telling me that i was average.

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