Wig Review: Nori by Noriko in Almond Spice-R

When I read that the new Nori by Noriko was supposed to be a lower-density version of Sky, I decided to try it out even though I figured there wasn’t much chance Noriko would actually make a low-density wig. Noriko’s short wigs, in particular, have always been pretty poufy on me, but I partly bought this one to give to my mom anyway. It is still poufy, and I wouldn’t call it low-density by any means, but it is less voluminous on me that Sky is, and to me it seems an overall shorter version.


It’s not great on me, but the wig itself is really cute. The side and back views are also pretty great:

Nori4 Nori5 Nori6

The cap is comfortable and unlike lots of Norikos I’ve tried, it isn’t small. There’s a lot of permatease in the crown as usual, but because of all the layering I don’t feel it’s obvious. Nori can pouf quite high up top if you want it to, and while I was trying to smooth it down so it wouldn’t seem so tall on me, if you want to get a lot of height out of it you certainly can. The bangs were a little annoying and in my face but they are nicely thinned and not too hard to ignore.

I just have one issue with Nori; it’s a complaint I’ve heard about Norikos with lots of layers and a wispy bang before but have never experienced myself. When looking at the wig from the front, there are times when you can see the heavy black rim of the cap at the hairline. Perhaps some steam directing more of the bang downward could conceal it, but it seems the manufacturer could easily remedy this by using a thinner rim, or perhaps less permatease lifting the bangs up. I think you can see it best in this picture here:


The dark roots camouflage it a  little bit, but at other times it’s pretty obvious. Again, I have heard this complaint about Norikos before (probably in relation to Sky, the sister wig to this one), so it was interesting to finally see it, even though it was disappointing. If you look up to the first photo, now that you’re looking for it, you can probably see it there too.

Overall I think this a very nice update to Noriko’s Sky and I love the layering, especially in the back. The cap is comfy, but you’re going to have to watch out for the thick dark rim that may show. There’s no monofilament top here, so the price isn’t bad either. Maybe getting this in a darker color would avoid it being so noticeable; if you’re interested in this one, keep that in mind!


*The item I reviewed in this post was purchased with my own money, and no one requested I write about it. I never review products that are given to me for free – mostly because no one ever offers, but even if they did I wouldn’t do it. Just so you know. 

24 thoughts on “Wig Review: Nori by Noriko in Almond Spice-R

  1. Love it. I’ve been a Noriko fan for many years. My favorites being Madison and Sandi.
    The Noriko mono wigs have a flesh colored front edge, which I’m sure you already know.
    What I really like about Noriko, is the material that the hair is composed of. Feels and looks very real.

    • Their hair fiber is some of the silkiest out there, I think. And when they use the monofilament tops those are also excellent. But they do love the perma-tease, which you can’t utilize as much with a monotop, so they often have these thick dark wig rims. It’s always something…but this is a super-cute cut and a great addition to their line. I thought of you with this one because it’s definitely your style. Maybe a wee bit too short though…?

    • I always think of these short cuts as Meg Ryan-esque. She just owns this style. My husband thinks these cuts look “matronly” on me though. I did give it to my mom, who liked it but found it a little too short for her. Noriko makes many wigs in this style of varying lengths, and as Rebecca mentioned their hair fiber is exquisite – as well having a lovely color selection. To me their one drawback is loving the “pouf” too much, but as I said, no wig is perfect. Noriko’s are pretty close! Their short styles are some of the most popular going – especially the one I mentioned, Sky. It’s an all-time best seller.

  2. Wow! I get to thinking that you can’t look any more beautiful or any cuter but that hair style really changes your look! With your smile and that style, you look like the models that model those wigs! You have that kind of beauty that just works with every hair style imaginable!

  3. You got my interest level up on the Nori. After a search the best price I could find was $112.00 plus tax and shipping in color Sugar cane. Did you do better?

  4. Ya super cute style for sure. I love the Noriko line of wigs. As well a few styles of Amore and Rene Of Paris wigs. Top notch fibers and colour combos

  5. I love your disclaimer. I imagine this style and color would be really popular as it’s very realistic and yet comes ready-to-head-out-the-door. But the black band would annoy me.

    • Yeah, it’s a problem. But there’s always at least one thing wrong with a wig, I’ve noticed. Never had one that was perfect. So it’s just whether or not it’s something you can live with.

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