A Photo Another Day

I managed to get to Day Two of my 365 project, so yay me:


I know I mentioned earlier that I have a real love of toeless socks, and as a bonus they take cool pictures. I’m not going get into why I love them, because there has to be some limit for what I will go on and on about here, so why not draw it at toeless socks?

I also edited a photo of my mom and dad from back in May when we spent the weekend at that beach house:


My dad, I think, had discovered I was snapping a photo of them and was goofing around with me, but I don’t think my mother had figured it out yet (I was shooting this with my telephoto lens from quite far away). My mom would be furious with me if she knew I was sharing this photo anywhere, because I’m sure she would say she looks terrible or something like she always does, but I really like the composition of the shot as well as the humor. There were loads of telephone wires behind them in the original, but I managed to edit them out without too much trouble.

Annnnnd just like that summer is over. I have to return to work for real on Wednesday, but I need to go in sooner than that to clean out the rest of the things that are in my office (which is no longer mine) for the new counselor. I have not given the coming school year much thought at all this summer, so I’m sure it’s about to slam me in the back of the head and knock me over, but at least I’ll be back in the classroom this year. We’ll see how much blog posting and 365 photo-ing I’ll be able to keep up with once things kick into gear!


4 thoughts on “A Photo Another Day

  1. Your parents look so young. Love the picture of them. I think you should in the future absolutely include a discourse on toeless socks, by the way. Did you mention what grade you are teaching? Or are they all different grades? I have forgotten. I am sure being in the classroom will give you plenty of material to blog about; hope you will have time to do it. 🙂

    • Well, they’re both turning 70 this year, so they will appreciate that statement! My mom especially – my dad doesn’t much care I guess but he does work out regularly and try to stay in shape.

      I’ll be teaching high school but all grades. it’ll be interesting but I am so glad not to be counseling this year I can’t even tell you! I am heading up to the school to clear out my office because I just realized the new person will show up Monday (another benefit of being a teacher – teachers don’t come back to work until Wednesday) and I don’t want her to come into an office that’s still got my stuff in it. Not a good welcome!

      • Gracious! They must have been babies when they had all of you. 🙂 My parents are both 75 and their hair is snow white (living with or being my dad will do that to you, LOL).

        I am looking forward to hearing about your new adventures. Very thoughtful of you to get the office ready for the new counselor. Wonder whether she will need you to hold her hand — can’t be easy!

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