Day 1 Down, Day 15 Done

I was so nervous for the first day of school, but then I always am. It went off without a hitch, though – the kids were pretty enthusiastic about the class overall, and we had many great conversations about the purpose of the course and how it could benefit them. I didn’t even get through my syllabus or my class rules, but the typically hour-and-a-half class times were reduced to 40 minutes, so the day flew by. The nicest thing of all, though, was how simple and controlled the environment was, compared to the chaos of the administrative offices. When I worked as a counselor, I literally ran out the door the minute the end of the contract day arrived, but as a teacher I willingly stayed late to work on lesson plans and other duties without an ounce of resentment. I think it’s because I don’t have a job I want to escape anymore. It just felt so normal. I know I will still have stresses and challenging times and frustrations, but at the heart of it is a situation I can control, and long swaths of time where all I can do is teach and everything else has to wait. I’m much more convinced now that this was the right move to make  – although I’m still nervous about what might be coming down the pike later, but that’s just how I am.

So, day one of teaching down, and day fifteen of the 365 project got done – sort of. It’s a pretty horrid little picture, although I do like the primary colors and geometric shapes it created. But it’s another iPhone pic, and was snapped at the end of the day without much planning or thought:

Day 14

That, my friends, is a completely full box of donuts that sat on the floor in the hallway the entire day. I have no idea why. I kept walking past it and thinking, surely there’s a reason for this, a joke someone is playing or something, but nope. Even after the bell rang and the kids left, the box still sat there. Finally I picked it up and threw it in the trash. Weird.

On another note, I haven’t talked about this at all, but another reason I’m so busy right now and not taking many pictures is because an elderly family member is quite ill, and my husband is the primary caretaker for this person. I go with him to help when I can, which means my weekends are pretty much taken up with errands and trips to go visit family. I don’t know how long this will go on, but it may be awhile. That combined with the first weeks of school just hasn’t afforded me any time to do studio shots at all, but perhaps when at least the school side dies down I can get back to it. Then again, maybe not. I’ll continue taking what pictures I can, when I can, and we’ll see how things go.

8 thoughts on “Day 1 Down, Day 15 Done

  1. I think you are going to love this position. Especially since you have so much latitude to customize it and create the syllabus yourself. Year one of any new program is always more work. After that, all you will have to do is update things. I wouldn’t worry about people here expecting studio shots. They like the blog itself and your observations, experiences in life, etc.

    Have a great Day 2!

    (btw, your post and mine today did not appear in my WP Reader — I am wondering if they appeared in yours. I hear big changes are coming to WP or are already happening, and apparently they are causing all kinds of glitches. Just curious …).

  2. Congratulations on your first day of school. Glad that you are finally enjoying your work. Sorry to hear of the Ill family member, hope all goes well.
    There is a problem with WP and the only way to read your blog is to make a comment, then go backward to see the complete blog.
    Have a great day 2.

    • We shall see how the FIL is doing this weekend; it’s taking loads of our time but we don’t mind, just tiring at times. Who knows what’s up with WP. HOpe they get it sorted out.

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