Day 19

So I posted my Day 19 on Facebook as a new cover page, and of course it took people about 15 seconds to get dirty-minded with it:

day 19_final

I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail about where their minds went. But just like the saying goes, when one “went there,” others followed…then they didn’t like it when I pointed out that only the males were getting naughty. Truth is truth, sorry dudes! OK, I could give them the benefit of the doubt and say it’s possible they didn’t know what it means to “touch yourself up,” but I was only being half-serious when I pointed it out anyway. I mostly did it to annoy them, since they were annoying me. Ha!

That sparkly little saying has been stuck in a mirror for about ten years, I’d bet. It came in a tube of limited edition lipstick from MAC and has been in the mirror ever since. I haven’t really looked at it in years, but in attempting a 365 today I took a quick snap  of it, and surprisingly liked it best of all that I shot (which wasn’t much; I have a feeling every single square inch of my house is gonna be photographed by the time this 365 is over). I’m  trying to think about how the saying relates to my life lately, but I’m coming up a little short – except that every time I touch myself up (keep the dirty thoughts to yourselves, dudes) I write a blog post about it.

I suppose I could stretch the saying to fit my new classroom position too. It’s still in a state of disarray – we have the basics, but barely enough to call ourselves a classroom at this point. And I’m still feeling very un-anchored to anything; the kids are just coming in and treating it like a study hall right now, which is unnerving to me as I’m used to lecturing, teaching, and controlling every single minute students are under my control. But this is not an English class, it’s an assisted study hall, and the coordinator swears this is normal for the beginning of the year, and that as kids get used to me and the class and their other classes they will start to access our resources (hope we have some by then) and request more assistance. Still, I feel like I should be DOING THINGS for them, and there’s not that much to DO for the students yet. We still have no computers, no bulletin or white boards on the walls (so I have nowhere to put up notes and reminders for the kids), no conference table, no printer, no student files, and little to no organization because we just barely had time to get the furniture put together before the kids arrived. So…make the best with what I can, and the rest of our resources will follow, I guess?

For sure, if it weren’t for the 365 project I’d have no photos to share at all, so I guess the saying could apply to my photography as well. Shoot what I can, and more will follow, or something. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to do a proper shoot again. Feels like forever since I did one, but there’s still not enough time, and if there ever is a little bit of time I’m too tired to bother. August is pretty much shot; I’ll just have to hope for more in September.

15 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. I hate it when people take something sweet and innocent and taint it. I am so glad I am a girl! That would never have occurred to me, looking at this.

    Can you ask each individual student to bring a specific problem area in to class to work on? That you can help him/her with? That is, when you have whatever basic equipment you need to do that.

    Is it just open ended and the kids are supposed to voluntarily ask you for help while they are supposedly studying? I would be skeptical about that system, personally, especially in this day and age of smartphones and pads that they can be chatting on the whole time, rather than working on homework difficulties, etc. Just curious.

    • I know – it really does irritate me but I try at the same time to remember they’re probably just kidding around.

      Things are pretty open-ended right now, but that’s how the Coordinator wants it so I’m going with it. She has started up many of these programs before, so i trust that she knows what works. I am just a control freak about the classroom so perhaps this is good for me to help me learn to loosen up a little.

  2. I like that idea of the kids bringing in problems for you to help them with. Then you might get your control back. I liked that you save things and that the MAC store had that little “fortune” in one of their products. People always “go there!”

  3. I am still having trouble leaving you comments. I left you a really nice one and it disappeared! Drats! I just encountered another error that’s why I did the “Testing”. Feel free to delete these and I’ll try again later.

  4. It’s amazing how some guys always sink to a sexual definition no matter how innocent a simple statement may be. These are usually guys that there shoe size and IQ match.
    Maybe until you receive the rest of the resources to complete your classroom, you could make ita fun, educational time? Word games and the like.
    Just thinking out loud.

  5. I wish there had been similar when I was going to high school and college. I didn’t have a lot of spare time as I always worked when I was going to school. I didn’t really have problems really but every now and then I’d get stumped on something and would have been nice to have someone to talk to. Profs were rarely available. I hope they realize how beneficial this can be. I do hope your resources follow as I’m sure you will be a big help to them.

    Shame that some take innocent things and turn them around. Same with comedy today, everything has to have vulgarity, I miss the old comedies and that is what I watch when I need inspiration or a good laugh and what a difference.

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