Au Revoir

Well this is a sad, weird one – but since I’ve written so much about my perm, I think it’s actually relevant to share the news here.

Today on Facebook a friend posted a “goodbye” to someone named Philipe. It just so happens that the friend used to work at the same salon where I got my perm back in July, and the man who gave me that perm was named Philipe too. Remember me saying I went to him because he worked at the salon where I get my nails done, and he was an older gentleman from Paris who did perms all the time so I knew he’d do a good job? Well, here was someone who used to work with him saying a ‘sad goodbye’ to someone with the same name, so, I emailed her to find out if it was the same guy, and sadly, it was.

When Philipe was working on my hair he shared with me that his great passion in life was fishing, and as it was right before the Fourth of July weekend he was looking forward to getting out into the bay in his boat. Fast-forward to Monday night, August 25th, when Philipe was reported missing after he did not return from a fishing trip that afternoon (as a hairdresser, he was off on Mondays, of course). Some time during the night, Philipe and his friend were found near his boat; both had drowned. I don’t know any more of the details than that; it’s possible a sudden storm or high waves overtook the boat as they were deep sea fishing that afternoon but what actually happened I do know. However it happened, he is now gone. He was a sweet, friendly guy, and a really talented hairdresser, and he was only 60 years old. But as my Facebook friend said, at least he died doing what he loved.

If you want a little glimpse of him, my friend posted a Vine video of him here. I can’t figure out how to embed it, so just click the link to see.

Au revoir, Philipe, and thanks for the great hair.


EDITED TO ADD: I think this article is about him: 2 Drowning Victims Found Near San Luis Pass 


9 thoughts on “Au Revoir

  1. This is very sad. Especially since you just saw Philipe recently. I didn’t know people stayed overnight — must have been a large boat. Hopefully, he is at peace now.

    • There are few more stories out about it now. Apparently the set out on the trip early Monday morning and were supposed to return Monday night. They were wade fishing in a notoriously dangerous area, without life vests, and the currents got the better of them. He was a very experienced fisherman so my guess is he’d done this tons of times before and just didn’t think it would happen.

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