Composite Practice

Well apparently I bored the crap out of you all with the airplane photos, because you’ve all disappeared. Jerks. Just kidding. But seriously, where is everyone? Not a lot of commenting or blog posting going on lately, it seems. Perhaps it’s the impending holidays keeping everyone busy?

Speaking of holidays, we are currently experiencing our first real cold snap of the season, and it’s lovely. You know what that means, don’t you – it’s Ugg time! I haven’t broken them out yet, because recently my friend Candace convinced me to buy this pair of shoes while we were shopping at the Galleria, even though I almost let them get by me.


When Candace insists I should buy something, I do it, because she isn’t one to force her opinions on me too often and I trust that when she does, she’s right. She always is – and I have been loving these little boots since I got them. She also convinced me to stop straightening my hair and wear it curly again, so yep, that means I’m back to living the permed life! Still don’t think I’m going to get a second one, though – partly because even though I’m going on month 5 since getting it done, my hair is still super-curly, and this perm will probably last me a year the way it’s going now. The top is getting a little flat, but I’ve taken to pulling it back with a little claw clip so get some lift up there and letting the rest do its thing.

Oh, and also speaking of boots…now, I am trying to spend less money on clothes lately, but when I come across something awesome I am still allowed to get it. And of course, I can share it with you, so here goes: there’s a pretty nifty little online store called Downeast Basics where I can, on occasion, find nice basic stuff for dirt-cheap. I’ve gotten some cute dresses and skirts from them for next to nothing, and for some reason I wandered over there recently to take a look around. And I found something they call a “shortie boot sock.” Now, I love the look of long socks peeking out the top of boots (usually worn over jeans or leggings) but I absolutely HATE wearing socks with my shoes. Well, enter the boot sock:


It’s a little band of sweater/sock-like material you pull up to stick out over the top of your boots, and presto! The look without the discomfort of bulky socks (well, I think socks are uncomfortable anyway). I bought two white and two black pair, and I don’t have them in yet, but I’m thinking they will do the trick. Also, the existence of such a product reassures me that I am not the only crazy person in the world with a hatred of socks. I’m actually fine with them to wear to bed, or around the house without shoes – but when worn with shoes I cannot stand them. Moving on.

boot socks

In other news, I played around a bit more with some of my meh shots from last Saturday, because why not. So, here’s one of them:


I’m thinking this probably really weird, and looks like I possibly just gave underwater birth to a jellyfish or something. But anyway, there it is.

Now this one is fun, because if you glance at it,  it actually looks OK, but the more you look the goofier it gets:


That’s a composite of three different shots, and towards the end of the editing process I got sloppy, so there’s a lot of  mistakes here and there, places where I didn’t paint in an effect neatly or where you can see the outline of one of the layers. Also, the more you look at it, the weirder my body becomes. The torso and legs are from a shot that was taken as I lay face-down with my legs up on a stool, but my head and the right arm are from a different pose. Look up close at the neckline of the gown and you can totally see where one is layered over the other (seriously, up close it’s REALLY BAD), and my head is actually a bit disproportionate to the rest of my body. Also, the line that was created when I leaned onto the stool makes it appear that I have two sets of knees – or that I have the lowest-hanging breasts in history – when it was actually just a little bend in the fabric from where I was leaning. I don’t think the hair was all that well-done, either, but I used Pixlr to overlay several different effects that concealed the bad outline I created when I layered my head onto the body.

Whatever though – I don’t mind that it’s a  goony picture. It was the first time I attempted to layer so many shots over each other in Photoshop and then paint out what I wanted to remove, and I was glad to figure out a way to do it even if the end result was bizarre and sloppy. These weren’t great shots to begin with, so I didn’t worry too much about making things perfect. I’m still basically trying to learn these new techniques whenever I can, so that someday i can create some really awesome levitation photos. Definitely not there yet, but I’m learning.

Now, if I play my cards right, I might actually have an entire day to myself this weekend, but I’m not sure I want to take more self-portraits. I know everyone loves them, but honestly they’re still boring me right now. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll have time to get inspired by then.

And speaking of inspiration – you all know how much I love drag queens, and a few weeks ago one of my favorites from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Willam (Willam is often NSFW so check her out at your own risk, just saying), was auctioning off a bunch of his clothes for charity on eBay (well, true to Willam form, she said she was giving most of the proceeds to charity and then the rest would go towards electrolysis, LOL). I couldn’t help myself – I had to buy something! I chose a pair of denim booty shorts that had been “customized” (ie, bedazzled to hell and back) by Willam herself, and yeah, they cost a pretty ridiculous amount of money, but whatever. It’s Willam! Then when I checked out through eBay I left her a little message, saying that a middle-aged schoolteacher would soon be wearing her bedazzled Daisy Dukes (not entirely true because I will never wear these things, except maybe in a photo or two with leggings underneath). I was hoping she’d email me back a little comment in response, but I heard nothing. Then it actually took a long time to get them in the mail, long enough that I forgot about them until receiving the package. There were the shorts, and sure enough, tucked into the back pocket was a little note from Willam herself – and it is fabulous:


And that, folks, totally made my week. I will most likely do as my friend Melissa suggested, and frame both the note and the shorts and hang them on my wall. Have I mentioned I love drag queens, and Willam in particular?

Oh and one more thing – the booty shorts photo was taken with my new iPhone 6 Plus – that’s right, I gave in to the mania and upgraded my phone to one of Apple’s new monsters. This thing is huge, and I freaking LOVE it. I don’t know why i got so excited at the idea of having a really big iPhone, but it totally works for me. Takes fantastic photos too. I think part of the reason I love it is because of how attached I am to my phone in general – I am always carrying it with me and using it for one thing or another, and the bigger size makes it physically feel as substantial as it is to me personally and/or psychologically. Or something. Anyway, big phone, yay. I should be in bed already, so I’ll cut things off for now. Happy Thursday everyone!





12 thoughts on “Composite Practice

  1. Loved this post, it had photography it had fashion and those shorts with the note how freaking cool. Iv subbed to Williams channel on yt, makes me laugh so hard lol. Just be careful with the iPhone 6 plus ur can bend easily lol.

    Yay 🙂

    • I keep hearing that, yeah, but since I never put a cellphone in my pocket (which is how people are saying they bend) I think I’m OK.

      Willam is freaking HILARIOUS, but so not for the easily offended. LOL. My husband loves her sense of humor too, so we both crack up at her videos.

  2. I had all these little odds and ends to share, but nothing that really connected, so I did my best.

    My Stitch Fix reviews go through the roof, which is interesting. And according to my stats, the posts that still get the most traffic are the wig articles and reviews. Who knows why people respond to some things and not others; I also think there is a timing issue as well.

    I know my airplane photos bore people, because soon after I start posting them everyone asks when i’m going to be taking selfies again,LOL. Even in real life, people will start talking about how they “miss” my self portraits, and it’s like, holy crap I posted three on Facebook last month! 🙂 I guess airplanes are a very narrow interest and not a lot of people get enthused over pictures of them. Oh well!

  3. I’ve been loving your airplane photos you silly girl. Just not the baby poop yellow flight suit that poor Navy dude had on. You already know I’m your biggest fan of self portraits so no comment there. And daisy dukes and a tank top? You only live once so go for it!!!

  4. What a wonderful well-packed post! Boot toppers! I used to wear those when I was 20! I don’t know where other people are, but I am so swamped with work, book stuff, and now a freaken IRS audit. I will zip mouth so I don’t swear about the wasted time I will spend with our guvmint when I have all these writing projects going on!

  5. Super blog. Sorry for being late with a response, but have been under the weather… Rainy, by the way. Love, love, love the socks, I also hate wearing socks with boots so this looks like a great solution.
    Thanks for enlightening me about William. Very entertaining.
    I can’t see all of these flaws you are talking about in your layered photos. They look good to me.
    I’m seriously thinking of giving up blogging. Seems I have nothing to say. Been a year with over 2000 views and I have 4 following me. Not a good sign. Oh well.
    Anyway, great blog and have a good weekend.

    • I don’t think it’s that your blog isn’t interesting, I think it’s getting people to find it. Have you read up on how to draw people to your blog? I can’t help but think more people would follow and comment if they knew you were there. And it can’t be through Flickr either – people on Flickr in general aren’t interested in reading blogs.

      But maybe you’ve already tried all that. I just know there are certain tags and blog post titles that will get a lot of hits for me, so there’s something to it.

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