Video Wig Review: Zara by Jon Renau in 6F27

Zara will always be a favorite long wig for me. It’s really long, so not all that practical, but in this 6F27 color I think it’s divine, although the knots on the lace front are a little light for my dark hairline. It’s been around a minute or two and it’s still quite popular; I’ve had it in several colors and the quality was always consistent (not always the case with Renau, so that’s probably more luck than anything else).

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Also, this video is old and I no longer wear wigs regularly or do reviews. I have a pretty good backlog of videos I’d like to eventually upload here, so if you’d like email updates of when new reviews are posted you can follow my blog – but please keep in mind that I write about a lot of other  things here, including posts about my bio hair and shoe shopping and photography. So if you’d rather not get email updates about things like that, you might not want to follow the blog and just check back on occasion instead. 

4 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Zara by Jon Renau in 6F27

  1. You referred to having a Julia by Renau? Do you have a review on that wig? Would love to see it. You do a very nice job with the reviews and the information is greatly helpful. Thanks, Cheryl.

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