Video Wig Review: Hollywood Honey by Forever Young in Colors Honey Caramel and Dirty Blonde

Forever Young is a good brand for low-cost fashion wigs – not quite costume, but not quite “hair replacement” quality. On the plus side, FY wigs can be had for around 40 bucks, the styles are really trendy, and they have some great colors. The negatives are that the cap sizes are all over the place (some have tiny caps and others are huge, with a decent range in between but following no logic whatsoever), the hair fiber isn’t the highest quality and can be shiny, and they don’t have good hairlines or particularly good parting areas (no monofilament tops, just skin tops). However, for wigs in this price range Forever Youngs are pretty good, and can be a nice way to introduce someone to wig-wearing without breaking the bank. I’ve worn many a FY wig out in public without people knowing, so it can be done, but I wouldn’t use one of these as a long-term solution. For a night out on the town or some mild running around, yes, but wearing every day for two or three months wouldn’t work out, I don’t think.

Also FY doesn’t come out with new styles all too often. The Hollywood Honey is the most recent style I know of, and it came out at least three years ago, maybe more. It’s a cute one though, and can still be found online pretty easily.

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Also, this video is old and I no longer wear wigs regularly or do reviews. I have a pretty good backlog of videos I’d like to eventually upload here, so if you’d like email updates of when new reviews are posted you can follow my blog – but please keep in mind that I write about a lot of other  things here, including posts about my bio hair and shoe shopping and photography. So if you’d rather not get email updates about things like that, you might not want to follow the blog and just check back on occasion instead. 

5 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Hollywood Honey by Forever Young in Colors Honey Caramel and Dirty Blonde

    • Honestly, I’ve just found that some wigs flop into the face and others don’t; it’s totally random. This is not a great answer, but the ones that flop down into my eyes just don’t get worn! But, you can reduce the possibility of that happening by buying a lace front.

  1. Really like this one. It look so natural…on you. Wish I could wear long hair, but I tend to look like a horse.
    Great job with this video. Informative, visual was perfect and your commentary was very good.

    • I’m not sure how you could look like a horse! Thanks about the video; this one was filmed before I started using my 7D and I never could the color right…everything always came out so warm! But it was nice having that remote to zoom in and out. Lost that when I switched to the DSLR.

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