Video Wig Review: Griffin by Tony of Beverly in Color Rooted Bamboo

This is a beautiful wig in a great color. Again, it’s funny to hear me talking about how expensive this wig is for a synthetic when they all cost this much now. Prices have gone way up in the past two years!

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Also, this video is old and I no longer wear wigs regularly or do reviews. I have a pretty good backlog of videos I’d like to eventually upload here, so if you’d like email updates of when new reviews are posted you can follow my blog – but please keep in mind that I write about a lot of other  things here, including posts about my bio hair and shoe shopping and photography. So if you’d rather not get email updates about things like that, you might not want to follow the blog and just check back on occasion instead. 

13 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Griffin by Tony of Beverly in Color Rooted Bamboo

    • Oh yeah – all hair in the cap (much easier when my hair was short), I store them in their original boxes but there are other ways to do it, and I use wig shampoo and conditioner on mine. You don’t have to wash them all that often.

        • It is, but one issue I have is that my real hair is so dark that at the edges and the hairline, and over the ears, if it’s too different a color from that it shows. I always wanted to go blonde but unless the wig has dark roots, that’s a regular problem for me!

  1. Thank you for your wig videos it’s greatly appreciated because I had a major surgery, and lost a great amount of hair and it never grew back. So the reason why I’m typing this long letter to you Cynthia I would like your ideas on the longer style wigs like Raquel Welch limelight wig Noriko Anjelica Henry Margu Eve and Tony Beverly Griffin wig. I’m wondering which brand name wig looks most natural and last longer with out all the dryness. I really enjoy watching your videos, and I found your videos more informative than others. Thank you so much for reading this and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Joyce – please keep in mind that this is all just my opinion and different people will say different things, BUT

      the only brand you listed here that I don’t much care for is Margu. The few of their wigs I’ve tried I’ve found to be dated-looking and it doesn’t seem to me like they are very advanced when it comes to cap construction, hair fiber, colors, etc.

      Raquel Welch wigs are great – BUT I would personally not buy any long wig in a synthetic that claims it can be styled with heat like the Limelight. The fiber is different from a regular synthetic and it does not last or feel very natural; many (dare I say most) people I know say the same about the heat-friendly fibers. Again, totally just my opinion!

      In general though I like RW wigs, Norikos, and the few Tony of Beverly ones I’ve tried I have liked. As far as being more/less dry or how long they last, they will all last about the same length of time and it comes down to too many factors to name. In general though I can’t see getting more than 3 months out of a long synthetic wig. Once you go past the neck the fibers rub against clothing and skin and they wear out in time.

      In all honestly, long synthetics are fun, but if I had to go back to full-time wig wearing I would wear short synthetic wigs, because they are so easy to manage and they will last a lot longer.

      So much about wigs is personal taste and opinion; it’s hard to say which looks more natural. Some people think Angelica looks natural and other people think it’s too much hair…it all comes down to the wearer and how they feel about it. At first none of them look natural and you have to get used to seeing them on your head. Once you get used to them a lot more becomes an option. But starting with a Raquel Welch or a Noriko or even TOB wouldn’t be a bad place to start!

      • Thank you so much for the reply it means so much to me to know there’s a few people out in the world that takes special time out of their busy schedule for others. Sorry to be a bother but I’m into wigs right now due to medical conditions and noticed your video on tony beverly wig griffin. Seeing how it was constructed and the length and fulness of the wig reminded me of how once my hair was like. I like the bamboo color but I’ll have to see what the cost of the wig is going for right now, price does matter to me. If you had to would you purchase the griffin wig again? Griffin wig reminds me of Raquel Welch limelight wig, I’m against the heat friendly wig due to bad reviews. When you stated shorter wigs last longer I do believe you on that one but feel lost without my long hair, but I do thank my husband and sons for their support. Looking forward to hearing from you soon once again I do thank you.

        • Grifffin is nice and I probably would buy it again, except knowing now how quickly a long synthetic wears out I might try to keep the cost lower, maybe even buy two of one once I find something I like so I always have one at the ready.

          I do know what you mean about the long wigs; I certainly did my time with them for several years!

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