Video Wig Review: Gisele by Jon Renau in Color 6 and Color 6F27

Gisele is a pretty style that came out in the summer of 2012; I got her first in the 6F27 and picked up a 6 to better match my bio hair, but of the two I ended up preferring the lighter one. What can I say, Renau’s 6F27 has always been one of my favorite colors – I’m a sucker for a dark brown with auburn highlights – but the lace front knots in that color are sometimes too light, so it’s always a crapshoot when I buy it.

Anyway, here’s both of them:

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Also, this video is old and I no longer wear wigs regularly or do reviews. I have a pretty good backlog of videos I’d like to eventually upload here, so if you’d like email updates of when new reviews are posted you can follow my blog – but please keep in mind that I write about a lot of other  things here, including posts about my bio hair and shoe shopping and photography. So if you’d rather not get email updates about things like that, you might not want to follow the blog and just check back on occasion instead. 

16 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Gisele by Jon Renau in Color 6 and Color 6F27

  1. Oh wish I could wear this one! Love it but I’m very partial to you in the highlighted one! I don’t know the 6 is just dull to me…hope you don’t take offense it’s just I like more pizzazz I guess. If ONLY JR made prettier blonde shades too…I can’t wear these colors and his blondes just don’t appeal to me. The shaded praline that everyone loves is still dark on me although someone told me it’s lighter now?? Anyway great review!

    • No I agree – the 6 IS flat, but that dang 6F27 uses knots on the lace front that are too light! The color reminds me of RW’s SS829, but of course they are smart enough to make that color rooted so the lace front knots are dark. I personally don’t care for the plainer colors anymore, but that is the color of my bio hair so I’m always torn between getting a prettier shade or getting one I can pretend is my bio hair. More and more though I am just going for the prettier colors because I never pretend a wig is my bio hair anyway LOL

  2. This wig looks gorgeous on you! I really like the darker 6 as well.

    After my Courtney comes, I think I might try this one next. I’m also looking at the Adriana. Have you tried/heard anything about this one? I’m looking for something not quite as straight as Courtney, and both of these seemed like a good fit.

  3. I have long wondered about the Gisele or Adriana, but in the meantime I did order the Camera Ready by Raquel Welch in SS8/29. It appears to me like a Raquel-version of Gisele…and so far I’m very very happy with Camera Ready. Feedback from friends have been great! Have you ever reviewed the Camera Ready? If not you might be very surprised 🙂
    (and I adore your blog and photos).

    • Oh yes, I’ve worn Camera Ready as a regular wig before. it coordinates well with Star Quality – SQ looks like a straightened version of CR. Those two together were my staples for quite awhile 🙂

  4. I remember this video from a few years ago. I thought it was the most realistic and perfect eig ever (never had the $ for it though 😦 )
    I used to binge-watch your wig videos!

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