Video Wig Review: Three Shorties by Raquel Welch in Color SS829 – Starlight, Winner, and Serene

In looking over old videos, I noticed I have a LOT of short wigs by Raquel Welch. I do think the RW line comes out with consistently trendy and interesting short styles without getting boring or overly poufy (a lot of the Rene of Paris short  wigs are just too voluminous for me). RW always has some cute boy-short cuts too, instead of everything being what I consider to be the “Meg Ryan in the 90’s” short shag, which is what most companies seem to prefer (which I  understand, since super-short wigs make it tricky to conceal the wefts on a standard cap, plus the added length in the back of a shag make it much easier to conceal whatever hair is underneath the wig. But still). But I’m a sucker for a short boy cut, even though I haven’t yet figured out how to stuff all the bio hair I now have underneath one. Moving on.

I’m going to have a bit of a shorty week on the blog, then, uploading a bunch of them that I’ve purchased from RW over the years, Since it’s so many, I figured I’d put three into this post since they’re both the same color. As I’ve mentioned before, the rooted and non-rooted version of RW’s Hazelnut color is one of my favorites, and it looks great on a short wig as well as on a long one. Starlight, reviewed here, was already discontinued when I filmed it, so I’m sure it’s a tough one to locate now if you can fund it at all, much less in the color you want. But it was a pretty cool wig when it was around, and I rather wish I hadn’t gotten rid of it.

Which leads to mention: I no longer have any of these wigs, unfortunately. They would usually get sold at some point to fund another purchase; my wig closet should have had a revolving door installed! The only non-costume wigs I have left are either super-used so I wouldn’t sell them (an old red Amanda by Renau) or ones I definitely will not sell (like my Easy Edge by one of the LuxHair lines). So no need to ask me about selling something to you, sorry. No can do.

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Also, this video is old and I no longer wear wigs regularly or do reviews. I have a pretty good backlog of videos I’d like to eventually upload here, so if you’d like email updates of when new reviews are posted you can follow my blog – but please keep in mind that I write about a lot of other  things here, including posts about my bio hair and shoe shopping and photography. So if you’d rather not get email updates about things like that, you might not want to follow the blog and just check back on occasion instead. 

8 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Three Shorties by Raquel Welch in Color SS829 – Starlight, Winner, and Serene

  1. Love the short style on you,I have yet to find a short style that works for me,it’s always something to do with getting the shape right or getting the bangs to look right framing my face. I like short,but I have a tendency to go for med length hair,I love the color chestnut it’s a great alternative to a redheaded color or auburn!

    • Short ones are tricky; I look better without bangs so short cuts with longer swooping bangs definitely look better one me. That’s where wigs are great because you can try out different styles until you find the one that really suits you 🙂

  2. One of the first wigs I bought from RW was Starlight and that was over 10 years ago and what’s funny is that style is in now I saw a woman with the same style but it was her bio hair which I thought was pretty cool. It’s like two cuts in one

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