Video Wig Reviews: Ugly Wigs!

Since people like to say. “oh, you look good in every wig,” I thought I’d take a moment to prove that this isn’t true. In fact, back in the day many a wig came through my door and then went back out again quicker than I could set up the camera to film it – so, I just don’t have too many of my wig fails up for perusal. However, a few ugly ones made it to the filming stage, so what the hell – here they are.

Keep in mind though, with this as with all things wiggy, calling these “ugly” is strictly my opinion. Implied in the statement is that these wigs look bad on me. On someone else, they may be perfection. It’s also possible that these wigs are all great and I just got stuck with a lemon here. Either way, no one can say I look good in every single wig I put on my head after seeing these.

I think most of these are not in production anymore; I think you’ll see why in a moment.



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