Video Wig Review: Honesty by Gabor Basics in Color Light Brown

OK, let’s talk about this wig review.

I usually review wigs that are just out of the box or have only been tried on and not really worn around. There are positives and negatives to that; you get to see the wig as it looks at the time of purchase, which is certainly not the case with stock photos that have usually been styled and trimmed to fit a model’s face, but I don’t have much perspective on how a wig really looks, feels, or wears with time. And that’s definitely a down side to my reviews.

It’s been suggested many times that I do ‘follow up’ reviews to combat this, but here’s the thing – because I get obsessed with buying and trying and reviewing new wigs all the time, I end up keeping very few of the wigs I review. I usually sell them (or trash them quickly in photoshoots and end up throwing them out) so that I can generate cash to try out some new items. So in the end, I have very few wigs about which I could make update videos.

So, I am often (but not always) discussing barely-used or brand-new wigs with which I am not very familiar when I make a video. And there are times when that leads to me making a review that I later disagree with when I have more experience with the wig, or hear about it from others, or whatever else might happen to make me change my mind about something I’ve reviewed. This gets tricky – do I delete the review, since I don’t really agree with what I said in the video and I don’t want to mislead people? Or do I keep it up anyway, since ultimately my desire is to simply show what a wig looks like for people who want to see it without all the styling and photoshopping? Do I keep them up but add disclaimers, and do I really want to get into that as it could easily get overwhelming?

These questions are some of the reasons I tried so hard when I was doing this before to simply stick to the facts and not throw too much opinion into the mix. But at some point in a review it would happen anyway, because it’s impossible not to have an opinion about what I just put on my head and am talking about, and part of what people want to know is things like how the cap feels or the hair fiber looks, etc. and those things are always going to be opinion. In fact, one of my reasons for exiting YouTube was the amount of commenters who would attack a wig reviewer for saying in a video that a wig was awesome if that individual ordered it and got a dud or did not like it as the reviewer did. Reviewers get accused of intentionally lying to get free wigs or because they are getting paid by a wig company to do so when it’s entirely possible that all they did was offer their opinion of a wig according to whatever their standards are, which of course is not going to match everyone’s. Then there are the times a reviewer gets  a wig to review that they don’t like and it insults the people who love the same wig, etc. It’s tricky, is what I’m saying.

So this all leads back to this video here. It’s not unusual for me to review a wig, all the while claiming it’s cute, it’s great, etc. because it really does look that way to me – and then when viewing and editing the video realize that the wig actually doesn’t look good at all, and has problems I didn’t even notice because I hadn’t seen it from all angles myself. I have quite a stash of never-shared videos on my hard drive due to this issue. I’ll tell myself, nope, I can’t show this review since I no longer agree with what I said, BUT I’ll re-do the review later and be more accurate – and then I never do, either because I’m not interested in even putting the wig back on my head, or (and this is more commonly the case) I give it away or sell it to someone who wants it before I get a chance to do so (and yes, if I sell it to someone I do so cheap and am sure to warn them how I feel about it before I do).

But, just so you know – it SUCKS to put out the effort to film a video and not get to share it, especially since, as I already mentioned, the number one reason for making these videos in the first place is simply to show what a wig looks like right out of the box. Even a video that inaccurately describes a wig as cute or comfortable could still be useful for that purpose, but I can’t upload it without putting a big old warning on it – maybe one that says TURN OFF THE AUDIO AND JUST WATCH THIS ONE or something like that (which at least half of the people who view it wouldn’t read anyway). And re-filming the video later entails a lot of work. I filmed five reviews in one day this week; I got started around 10:30 AM and was not completely finished (including editing and uploading) until well after midnight. Just the filming (including prep time) took about five hours! So yeah, when three of the five videos I filmed in a day need to be re-shot, it sucks, and there’s a high likelihood it will not happen. I can hold onto those wigs until the next time I get in the mood to review things, but drumming up a lot of enthusiasm to review an ugly wig is a challenge; it’s the pretty ones I want to share and discuss, after all, not the ones that look like crap.

So – to share or not to share a video of a wig even though what I say about the wig is no longer accurate? In this case, if you haven’t figured it out already (and if you haven’t, you need to work on your deductive skills) I’m going to vote yes and show it anyway. But I’m going to say to ignore everything I say about the wig being cute. Do I still think it’s OK for the price? Yeah, I do. But I think it needs a lot more work that I originally indicated. The biggest clue to me was when I watched the video for the first time and got incredibly annoyed by HOW MUCH I was touching and fussing with the damn thing – a sure sign I do not much like the way a wig looks on my head. You’ll see about twice as much fussing with this one as in any recent review I’ve uploaded, and the reason is that it’s just a bowl without enough style (I’m even fussing with it in the thumbnail!). The other clue was, well, it kind of looked crappy no matter what I did to it. But I swear when I was just looking at myself in the mirror that is quite a distance away from where I was standing, it really did look OK. So there you go.

Now if you actually read all of that, you’ve been warned. If you didn’t read any of what I wrote above, well, you’re on your own. I didn’t write all of that for my health, people!

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Honesty by Gabor Basics in Color Light Brown

  1. I read your lengthy write-up and was very interested with the thought provoking comments you made. I really appreciate the in-depth review before the video and also the prep that you put into the video before you even review. What I particularly like is that you are not selling the product, just giving your opinion therefore more honesty. I belong to one of the secret wig forums and mentioned the RoP Shilo you had color custom made and how striking it looked. Well one of the women said she now has it from you – drats! It really stirred up interest in watching your video and I am sure it would have looked a wowzer on me lol!! Thank you so much for your reviews. You have beautifully structured facial features, excellent grammar and spelling (my pet peeve when I see errors) and are very much the professional. I think your site is spellbinding. Thank you so much, Deb (Canada)

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