Video Wig Review: Ava by Henry Margu in Color 5H

Oh my Lort. So much hair. So much no.

Margu just never does it for me. The wigs needs more styling and less hair fiber. I often feel like they haven’t updated the way they make wigs since the mid-80s. The caps and the hair fiber both feel dated; although some of the colors are lovely. Margus generally feel to me like they should priced much lower than a Noriko or a Raquel Welch; they’re too heavy and thick for the cost and need too much styling to work. And even their advertising to me needs an upgrade. I get the impression that Margu has a small but loyal following, which is why all their wigs look about the same, cost about the same, and the level of effort the company appears to put out to promote their wigs is pretty low. I guess they’re doing something right to still be in business; maybe it’s human hair that’s their real draw? If that’s the case, I wouldn’t know, since I don’t do HH.

Anyway here’s Ava – all 300 pounds of her. And sorry about the bright red backdrop; I was going through a colorful backdrop phase in my photography and the wig reviews suffered because of it. I also have some with a FABULOUS orange background that’s just awesome for wig reviews (except that it isn’t). And there I am in a tank top again; not sure what I was thinking because now that just looks tacky to me. But whatever. We’ll all make do.

And I’m not sure why I keep comparing this wig to Griffin. I think at the time I may have been confused and thinking both wigs were by the same company. Griffin is a Tony of Beverly though, not a Margu, so I was wrong about that. Perhaps I was comparing them because the price was similar…? Because that’s about all these two wigs have in common. Griffin is gorgeous, this one, not so much.

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review.

5 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Ava by Henry Margu in Color 5H

  1. Love the layers. But it needs some kind of a bang either a full one or a side swoop but either way a bang. The lace front ear to ear also not be so round. I remember wanting to try this style out but now that I have hair I’d die with it probably lol

  2. Like the wig nice color,I like the highlights! What wig fiber is closest to human hair, and what fiber is the most easiest to work with as far as shaping it and not getting a lot of tangles in the hair!

    • Honestly all synthetic hair is plastic so it’s pretty much all the same. Any long synthetic will tangle; the plastic rubs against skin and clothing and the friction frizzes it and tangles it way more than a hiuman hair wig will do. That said, I think any synthetic wig in the $80 and up price range is going to be WAY nicer than the cheaper ones – less shiny and lighter-feeling. But if they’re long, they will all tangle. I personally like Jon Renau, Raquel Welch, Noriko, Amore, and Rene of Paris more than any others. I also like Estetica, Ellen Wille, and some others, but those lines I mentioned are the ones I’ve bought more than any others. Of course I’ve bought so many over the years that may not be saying much, LOL.

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