Video Wig Review: Coco by Rene of Paris in Harvest Gold


Well, this one was a surprise – I’ve tried both the wig and the color before, and did not like either (so it makes sense that I would try them again, right?), but I really liked both this time. I swear they’ve re-worked Coco somehow from the last time I tried her; she was so huge back then and not attractive at all, but this one is so incredibly cute, and it can be had for a nice price. Definitely a keeper for me!

And by the way, I had a hell of a time filming this review. First of all, as soon as I got my makeup on and my gear set up (which takes over an hour), I started to get hungry. But eating messes up the makeup, so I soldiered on. Then I filmed this entire review and after the fact realized it was out of focus the entire time, so I had to do it over. And I kept stumbling over my words and having to start over. It was a pain. All in all I probably spent half an hour just filming a five minute video! I started to pull together a funny video of all my bloopers, but the amount of F-bombs I drop when making mistakes decided me against it. One or two is OK I guess, but there were so many I would have had to add in bleeps, which is a pain, so I blew it off.

Anyway, Coco. Really cute!

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Opinions are my own.

16 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Coco by Rene of Paris in Harvest Gold

  1. Super cute, kind of looks like Clair or Reese but shorter, love the colour. All around and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’d even wear it lol. I also like how the back has that flat piece to anchor the wig down if you have a ponytail.

  2. LIke the style and color,it’s the right length for me,reminds me of Lisa Rinna’s hair style and color! You look very cute and I love you with bangs! Great presentation like the humor and easy style that you have doing this videos! Love xxxx

  3. Wow, this is a surprise. I bought this several years ago and hated the thickness of hair and was unable to style it into anything other than the wig look. They really have changed it and I’m impressed. Really do appreciate your reviews – so professional, your makeup is phenomenal and you look terrific in everything you review. Many thanks!

  4. Oh my gosh..this is so cute on you. Totally natural looking!!! I just ordered one in Caramel Cream. I wish I could wear dark colors but just not good on me. Love love your videos…had to laugh out loud at what you wrote above!

    • Thanks! I have been holding myself back from buying another one, since it is such a good price. Makes me want to try some other older ROP styles to see if they’ve improved those too!

  5. This one looks great on you. Love the cut and color. I can’t remember the original, but this one looks fantastic. I don’t think “Anyone” would think that this is anything other than your real hair.
    I personally would love to see your blooper video. 🙂

  6. I love this one. I’m in the market for a shorter wig (all of mine so far are mid-length), and vacillating between ROP and Raquel Welch. Sorry the video was a hassle to make but you are helping me! I am thinking that maybe ROP is getting the message on the permatease. Shannon is also a lot less poufy in person than in the manufacturer’s photo.

    (I saw your video on Gabor Stylista too late! But I’ve thinned it and will just wear it under a baseball cap and it will be fine.)

    Thank you for describing the color. The official Rene of Paris colors don’t have a Harvest Gold. I have their color ring, and am trying to guess the counterpart. I do want the same color as you have on… I have similar coloring and face-shape (but more years on me).

    ALSO: You are an excellent writer. Enjoyed your blog on wig knowledge!

    • Thanks! Yes, I really like this little wig and it’s so economical…I like both ROP and RW but overall I think ROP has the best hair-fiber out there. RW is good too, though, and has a lot of lovely colors. 🙂

  7. Oops, my mistake. I found the Harvest Gold. I had never seen it before and would not have chosen it based on the little sample. So thanks for that too!

    • I think it can look very different depending on the length and layers…I’m curious to see a longer wig in this color but I’m not sure I’ll like how it turns out. i may pick up a Robin in it at some point just to see…

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