Video Wig Review: Juniper Wig by Mimosa in Color 8-12H

Okay, against my better judgment I am going to show this video. I say this because I don’t like the quality of this video, but someone was asking about cheaper wig alternatives and this is one brand I tried out a few years ago and liked. However, I hate that I have a seriously wrinkled backdrop here, and that my color balance turned me orange. In fact, I always had color balance issues with my old Canon Vixia, and in spite of the fact that the remote zoom was incredibly useful for wig reviews (can’t use one with my Canon 7D) I much prefer the color clarity I can get with my DSLR.

However, at least I am not wearing a tank top in this one. And the wig really is nice looking for the price. In fact, the only thing I didn’t like about this wig was the HD fiber, which is no surprise. Mimosa makes other wigs in regular synthetic fiber, so I went and found two other styles I wanted to try and bought them ( a short one and a mid-length); one was $48 and the other was $40, so still some great deals to be had on these wigs. I may have to snag a new Juniper at some point just so I can film a better review!

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Opinions are my own.


6 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Juniper Wig by Mimosa in Color 8-12H

  1. Cynthia, I checked out Divatress and am quite surprised at the prices. There is one wig which has a stocking cap and 5 star reviews. Would you know what that means? There are no descriptions or pics of the caps. You are quite a perfectionist however your videos are so delightful, only you notice the invisible faults! This is quite addictive and hope you post frequently.

    • No, I don’t have any idea what that might mean. With the lower-priced wigs, sometimes you don’t get much information about them and it can be a guessing game. I usually stick with the brands I know unless something is cheap enough to be worth a try, but I have to be OK with getting something crummy or I don’t do it. Usually I can use it in photos or something, even if it isn’t that great for wearing out of the house.

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