Video Wig Review: Angelica by Noriko in Crimson LR


Don’t even ask me how long it’s taken to get this review uploaded, because I’m going to tell you anyway. I got several reviews filmed without much trouble, but in uploading them from the camera to the computer my hard drive ran out of space (between all my photos and my videos this happens often), and it stopped the uploading during the middle of moving one of the videos over, which led to all sorts of shenanigans to get the computer to recognize it at all when I tried to upload it again. Of course I first had to move a bunch of files over to an external drive, which took two hours; then after all that waiting, when I moved the videos again from camera to computer they were all out of whack – mis-labeled, some duplicated and others not showing up at all. Fortunately I long ago learned my lesson about never re-formatting my camera’s CF card until I am absolutely certain I got all the files transferred (lost over 300 photos one time) and although it took hours to sort out, I finally got everything I filmed moved over to the hard drive and ready for editing.

All that to say I wanted to have this review posted much earlier in the day, but it didn’t happen. As I said, I filmed several reviews today, but most of the wigs were just meh. Angelica, though, never disappoints – I think there’s a hint or two of how much I like this wig in the video commentary. See for  yourself.

Disclaimers: I bought this item with my own money and no one paid or asked me to do the review. Opinions are my own.


21 thoughts on “Video Wig Review: Angelica by Noriko in Crimson LR

  1. Well, I like it and it sounds like you do also. The dark base and reddish tips look great. Looks like this one is a keeper.
    Once again I will say that Noriko makes a superior product…IMHO.
    Nice photo and great video.

      • I had this wig in the same color and I LOVED it! I just couldn’t get the nerve to wear it in public so i sold it. So sad. Maybe I’ll get Janelle in crimson LR- have you seen it???? Its a long noriko with lace front and mono part -finally!!! Your videos rock. Love your comments at the end about people looking at hairlines.

        • I have seen Janelle; I’d like to try it at some point. I think with the monotop and shorter length it might be a less “glam” look than Angelica and perhaps a bit more wearable!

  2. Wow – this is a stunning color and you are right – it looks great on so many women. Yup – I’m getting this color! Many thanks for the time you put into these wonderful reviews.

  3. I wondered about this colour because on the model I don’t really care for it. But after seeing it it’s gorgeous. This is one wig that is just perfection. It is a ton of hair not for summer months when it’s humid that’s for sure but besides that and it having no lace front or mono top it’s still a perfection wig.

    • It’s so funny you say that, because somewhere in the video I said the same thing, that on the model I didn’t like the color at all, it looked too coppery or orange. I can’t remember if I edited that out of the vid but I think I did LOL.

  4. You need to get a commission from these wig companies! LOL Makes me want to buy one now! I’ll wait for the winter months since I just got that short one you videoed(can’t remember the name already!) You look great in this…I like the nutmeg color also. Oh my…only thing is I’m older than you! Dang..just a lot of hair and so long too but I can pretend and wear it around the house. LOL You go girl!!!

    • Probably Coco, that’s such a good summer one. This one is not summer it’s true – I am not wearing wigs full time anymore and this one got real heavy after awhile. And I fully support just wearing a fabulous wig around the house I used to do it all the time when i disliked my real hair. I was never without one except to sleep.

  5. This is the wig for me I’m sold,I love all it’s colors,you look fab in all of them! They should make you a spokes model for this brand! Honey I love your nails you look so fab and your hands are gorgeous! Love xxxx

    • Dale, if you go to either Gallery of Wigs or Name Brand Wigs online, you can get it cheapest. You have to put it in your cart before you see the sale price. It still isn’t what I’d call “cheap” – it comes out to around $110 + shipping – but it will last you a really long time. If it starts to get gnarly around the ends you can always get someone to cut a few inches off and keep wearing it. Noriko’s hair fiber is some of the best around, it takes great photos too without being overly shiny!

  6. Yes I’m finally going ahead and ordering a wig after watching all your wonderful videos it made my decision easier. You look so beautiful in all your wigs and can go with all the different shades and wear it well. My choice is Angelica in the iced mocha r wondering if I should of went with almond spice. Does almond spice have a lot of red tones or more on the ash blonde side?

    • I think Iced Mocha is more ash than Almond Spice, but I’m not good with colors. Still, I’m pretty sure that’s correct.

      Have you worn wigs before? If not don’t worry if Angelica overwhelms you at first. Everything seems like ‘too much hair’ at first anyway, and Angelica can be trimmed to suit you.

      • Yes, I have worn a wig for the month of my surgery and since then I started to have great amount of hair lost but believe it or not whenever I saw the angelica wig on you I said to my husband “Oh my gosh! My hair was once like that before my illness.” My husband agreed with me and felt I should try it to see if I like the wig.

  7. You look so good in this, and I’m influenced by your words about Angelica – so I just ordered one in cappucino and one in sugarcane. Maybe I dare to try this fantastic crimson later 🙂

  8. I’ve seriously wanted to try Angelica, but I’ve only ever worn monotops or monoparts for realism. I’m a little scared to try it, but it’s like it keeps calling to me. lol!

  9. I bought this very same wig in this very same colour from an auction website. It was my very first wig and, not knowing ANYTHING about Noriko (or wigs at all, to be honest), I had no idea what to expect. I wore it to a professional makeover and photo shoot and all I could say was, “Wow,” about 100 times over! It is absolutely gorgeous, flowing, so colourful and a delight to wear. It instantly flatters your face and make you feel a million dollars (or pounds, here in the UK, lol). In public, I have been stopped by girls in their early 20’s just amazed by how I look in it. The biggest thing this hair did for me was give me the 100% confidence I needed to be in public. In short, nothing else I could buy would ever come close. And yes, this review helped me choose this very wig. So 10/10 and a huge thank you from me. All the best from the UK. Lexie

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